You are not a MISTAKE.

Did I just hear you whispers yessss?

Know this…it is a fact. You are not a mistake, or is it failure?

…whatever you want to call it.

The fact that everything aren’t yet in order as expected doesn’t mean you should berate yourself.

You are not a failure…you are just testing the microphone of your life; rehearsing your greatness acceptance speech.

Just imagine how it would feel like to finally become the person you’ve always wished/wanted to be…you are going to feel on top of the world, right?

Nothing else would matter at that very moment because you are looking success in the face 😳😳😳

At this kind of moment, you are confident of trying again because you are so sure of the outcome; success.

That’s the spirit of high flyers…

But, to reach those milestones you have set for yourself, or those ones that were set by your superior or colleagues, there are some gallops to get over.

Those trying times that makes you want to question your existence.

Due to pain of the moment, You might want to quickly forego and forget your WHY (reasons and motivations) for embarking on the journey in the first place.

I call such moment Your Life Drama Moment.

When life drama takes its toll on you, the storyline can change instantly. Disregard, disrespect, discourage, and many other DISs of life can sufface in such moment.

Should you be concerned or weary? Yes and No.

Be concerned about building/maintaining a thick skin to wade the war against the challenge but don’t be afraid of it by losing your sense of purpose up to the level of challenging your fundamental principles of existence.

You are not a failure…that you are born poor doesn’t mean you have no hope of a brighter tomorrow…you are not a mistake.

My friend, I have a good news for you!

You are getting close to achieving those things you have, or almost, given up on, I’m certain and sure of that. You don’t need to let the situations around you drain out your motivation from going forward.

When life drama happens, treat it like a movie that always has the positive endings. No matter how interesting and long the movie can be, it will maximally come to an end approximately 120 minutes (2 hours).

That is the take home wisdom…”tough times never last but tougher people do“.

Life drama shouldn’t make you soft, become tougher for your challenges.

You are not a MISTAKE.

Residual Musings

PS: A while ago, I wrote a touching story about my own life drama that I think you might want to read through. Maybe something from it can inspire your spirit being.

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