Is it possible for our nation to translate from third world to first world?

Oh yes it is! We just have to begin to invent products and services that will compete favourably in the global market. I must say, a few Nigerians are already doing this. We need to make it a national culture.

So what is my part and yours in this? It is for us to value ideas.

However, it is the degree to which we have invested in our minds that will determine the quality of ideas that will flow through our minds.

To create world class products, we must have world class ideas and world class ideas come from world class thinking.

To think world class, we must expose ourselves to information. We need to start now.

This is my charge to you. Over the weekend, as you fulfill your social obligations to family and friends, schedule time to become a global Nigerian inventor of our time. Listen to my resource products Creative Thinking and Imagination.

I believe that very soon, this country will move from third world to the first. And this will happen in your lifetime and mine.

Lets make it happen!

To your success

– Sam Adeyemi

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