Just can’t believe that I’ve been that long using this amazing tool. WordPress has been a life saver for me, especially when WYSIWYG feature that blogger.com offers almost made me not to try something new.

Or is it the fear of messing with code or actually messing with codes?

Or those days that you’ll shutdown your site for days unknowingly…all in the name of testing one new Plugins features.

Or those days of no caching Plugins…that it would take a while for your site to load?

Or the Anthony Weiner’s scandal and controversy which brought me the most of my website traffic?

Or I should mention those late night hours I’d be editing article via my Blackberry Curve, Bold and et al?

Those days were….in fact, I’m short of not just words, but ideas too!

Or should I mention my first car purchase through the proceeds from my engagement with Matt Mullenweng’s content management system, WordPress?

I have a lot of amazing memories with WordPress that time would not permit, enable and even, accord me to share with the world.

But above all, I’m super excited and grateful for those past ten years of usage and impacting my world through WordPress.

In fact, writing this is as a result of my zeal towards using the tool.

This picture can attest to that…

I give God all the glory for all that I’ve been able to do with WordPress and those other amazing things that are in the pipeline.

I can’t wait, to celebrate my 20th years of working experiences as a blogger. Even though, I’ve been blogging for years before I switched to WordPress, but this achievement further makes me remember how far I’ve gone.

2006 was like yesterday, but looking back, it is really a long time ago.

Thanks WordPress for making the world a better place.

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