I wrote a short testimony about the book “Drops From My Heart” last three months. It was given to me, and the rest of my WordPress’s do_action hackathon team in Lagos. But, in that post, I failed to upload pictures of the rest of the team. I personally think they all deserved some accolades as well. 🙂
Olawale Daniel at do_action hackathon in Lagos
Olawale Daniel and the rest of the Lifes Beacon Initiative development group at do_action hackathon at Don Bosco, Lagos. The event took place in July 2018.
Anyway, let’s get to read some little stuff before I tell you what next!
We spent hours coding writing, making jest of our creations, and at the end of the day! BOOM sha shaa shaaa!
We won the grand prize with this amazing Life’s Beacon Initiative website coming as the winner amongst all other creatives from other colleagues.
You may want to know what “Hackathon” mean in the real sense of it. Or maybe you wanna know why WordPress is going all out to promote this cause. I will delve more into that soonest!
It is a charity minded initiative of WordPress to empower the community in order to give back through social responsibility acts. On that day, we have 6 different team comprises of graphic designers, web programmers, content creator and curators, social media influencers, and quality control experts etc. The main goal was to design a brand new and functional website in ONE DAY and present them to the world.
When I mean BRAND NEW WEBSITE, I am not talking of just the homepage or some slideshow website. I mean, a 21st century WooCommerce ready website that’s capable of taking online donation and payments at a glance without leakages. A do_action hackathon is about thinking out solution where lots of problems does exist.
But did we achieve that?
Literally, we did but not up to 100%!
The design was up as around 4PM that day and we are not yet set to present the stuffs to the amazing panel of judges lead by Mr. Oluseun Taylor and Mary Job.
Did we won!
Yeah, we were announced as the winner based on accessibility and the level of professionalism and some other metrics known to the team anyway.
Enough of this late night story telling.
“Drops from my Heart” by Dr. Olulade Ebenezer is worth reading.
Here you go!
WordPress is fun!
If you want to read the previous post, check here https://www.facebook.com/BSWOD/posts/10211989747201080

Olawale Daniel goes into details on why he participated at the first edition of WordPress do_action Hackathon in Lagos.

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