I’ve got this really quick message to pass across to you from my millionaire mentor, Les Brown. He has been of great influence to my being. You’ve got to believe me, Les is a father-like figure for me and for this reason alone, I can’t afford to be too far-away from him.

I read his mails and stayed glued to his daily updates on social network. You’ve got to be His follower to have an idea of the type of content he’s dishing out on regular basis…I consume these amazing content of his and they are of great impacts to my life.

As usual, I read his mail today and was a bit inspired not to consume and digwst the information alone, I have the urge to share and help someone out there have a feeling of my mentor’s thoughts, philosophies, and ideas.

For this reason, you’ll be reading Lee’s latest exhortation for you and I, I published it below ‘as-is’ so take your time to apply it to your life.

The topic catches one’s attention with WARNING message! That prompted me to read it quick before any other thing this money… Then it continues stating that some certain group of people are stealing from me. 

The question now is, what could it be that they had been stealing from me? And how come I haven’t noticed it?

Immediately I saw the headline, my mind flashed to my bank (financially); to the government (politically), but yet, I couldn’t quite figure it out yet until he made me realized that it is the project zero-minded people (negative forces around us).

I felt a bit relieved!


It is because I’ve been able to create an environment I can easily operate from without being deterred by these negative people. However, I may be lucky to have been able to figure out that, but what about those who couldn’t do the same thing? That’s why I find it better to share it with permission.

Read it and do not forget to also be of blessing to others through it because my business father and mentor, Les Brown, has blessed me and I’m returning that favour by helping people have his message why not do yours?

I trust you’d do just that…

 You’re a rare gem waiting to be unleashed.

Les Brown here, 

As the weekend approaches, I just want to remind you..

You are the solution to turn things around in your life.

In order to overcome the challenges you are facing, keep apositive attitude and don’t surround yourself withtoxic people.

If you are dealing with a difficult situation, or working on some new ideas – it is going to take everything in you to stay focused, stay on purpose, and to get unstuck.

Toxic people will drain your power, your creativity and bring out the worst in you.

Give yourself the possibility of winning. Limit access, do not take their calls, and avoid them whenever possible. Spend Time On Yourself!

You will become more peaceful, more positive, and will be able to think more clearly.

You are the solution! 

You have something special, you have greatness within you,

Les Brown

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