Even though, it is fictional… I represent Wakanda because it is part of my story and depict what the whole world had failed to realize about my kind.

I am black, I am gifted and I am beautiful inside and out. Wakanda Forever – it is my personal story which is way beyond Black Panther fictional record-breaking movie.

Black Panther - Wakanda
Some of the amazing things shown in Wakanda are true reflections of how blessed Africa as a continent is, but similar things like that won’t be shown on TV about the continent. The media has always been biased about Africa; there’s a limit to positives from Africa by the western worlds.

Wakanda as depicted in Black Panther isn’t just a fiction in a movie but a true presentation of how the westerns have always wanted to steal our unity by creating disparities between us. The westerners have always been interested in our lands; they have always make us aware of how dangerous living in our own lands could be. Misusing the media to propagate the evil agenda about the black nation of Africa has always been on the rise for ages. Three years ago, I wrote about what they won’t show you about Africa. Lots of people called me and appreciated the motive behind that little inspiration. Today, I felt there’s something inside of me burning for revelation after about two weeks of seeing the movie; Black Panther.

Unlike every other viewers, I was looking for a message in our movie that has attracted a very wide audiences around the world…the paparazzis and the flairs aren’t the most interesting experience for me but some of those spoken words in the movie about our land.

It is high time Africa see itself as one. We are one, we just need to stick together to make our land yield its good harvest for it’s rightful children.

Enough is enough for the rest of the world to threat Africa as________. We are more than the cards we are dealt with.

Let’s rise and defend our land; the next generation will speak of today’s actions of ours if we protect it well.

Wakanda forever.

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