“2020 is going to be great!”

Blah, blah, blah…

How many times have you heard this so far?

If you are like me, probably a thousand and one times.

Yes, we’ve seen it all.

2020 is a unique year.

No matter how the last decade went.

Whether some people went from grass to grace…

Or from grass to grasshopper.

What really matters is the reality we must face in this new decade.

So, what do you need to make 2020 really superb?

I’ll tell you what it’s not.


What you need in 2020 isn’t goals. What you need is a vision.

No, this is not a motivational “aspire to perspire.”

What you really need is a vision.

Let me explain.

2020 isn’t just a year. It’s the start of a decade filled with possibilities.

No matter how shiny your new year resolutions are, even if you achieve every one of them, you aren’t milking 2020 enough.2020 is here. What is it all about for you? Goals or Visions?

To reap all the benefits of this decade, focus on a crazy decade-long vision.

If today is Jan 1, 2030.

Who are you, then?

No, I’m not asking you what you’ve done.

I’m asking you, who have you become?

Allow yourself to be crazy about your vision.

Who are you in 2030? Where can you see yourself? What are you controlling?

Don’t tell me you are “successful”.

Clearly define who you are.

Don’t be modest. Be very arrogant about it and dream like a crazy man.

If you find it hard doing this, add 10 years to your current age and ask yourself…

“Who am I at this age? Who would I want to look at in the mirror with deep satisfaction in my heart?”

Take your time and think deeply.

I’ll wait.

Are you done?

Now, ask:

“What must I do this year to move aggressively towards my vision?”

“What must happen in 2020 for me to become my 2030 self?”

“What skills do I need?”

“What project must I complete?”

“What network must I build?”

“What must happen this week, this month, this year, if I must become that crazy vision in 2030?”

Dump your new year resolutions and pursue a worthy vision for once.

All the clarity you need is in a 20/20 vision.


Tope Fabusola
The Firebrand CEO

PS: If you are one of those saying “2020 isn’t the start of the new decade. It should be 2021.”…

Guess what, there is a reason we say the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

This is reality, not almighty formula.


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