Thanks to all the Uncle Thomas’s on my way up here. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to chase (or better put, pursue) my dreams or get up to this level.

Yeah, they deserve some accolades! A really big one for that matter.

Hear this, if you don’t have uncle Thomas in your life, I bet you ain’t doing shit. You ain’t going nowhere bro/sis!

Getting to the top isn’t a child’s chess board game. It is a battle you have to win or lose.

“It is either you believe in yourself or believe what other people think, or makes you think, of yourself. Sounds familiar, but quite different from each other.”

In life, it is either you are in control or someone else is having total or partial control over you. You always have the choice to make.

This morning, I’m going to discuss with you ways to deal with uncle Thomas syndrome without getting swept under the rug.

How to Win The “Uncle Thomas Syndrome” Battle of Your Life Without Throwing a Punch

Celebrate all The UNCLE THOMASes In Your Life
It’s time to celebrate all the amazing UNCLE THOMASes in your life who are indirectly pushing you to go activate your dreams.

I present to you a definitive guide on achieving greatness in life in spite of unfavorable circumstances.

Stay humble and stay blessed and avoid Uncle Thomas Syndrome in your life.

1. Define your goals

Know what you want. Identify the reason why all the punches they might throw at you won’t have much effect on you. Winning the battle of life starts from within. When you know where you are going, you’d hardly get confused along the path.

Like an old saying of my pastor:

“if you don’t know where you are going, every bus stop would look like your own.”

Know your WHY?

Take your time, if that’d be all it would cost you to really know where you are heading.

2. Be resolute about your dreams

Decide and commit to your dreams. If your goal is to get to destination Z from A, be deliberate and decisive on how you get there. Mind you, there are several other destinations like B, C, D, E, F,….and Y et al that you are going to discover on your way to Z. NEVER GET CARRIED AWAY on your way to your WHY.

3. Know your strength

I am a free thinker and love to be of value to others, but when it comes to throwing punches in the ring, I’d leave that to Anthony Joshua of AJBXG because it is not my strength. In getting to your destination without allowing uncle thomas to get to you with their poisonous feelings about your dreams, know your strength and stay above the drop limit.

Never go above your limits to make them special. Just celebrate whatever their opinions are, but stick to the lyrics of your life. You only live once, YOLO.

4. Create space to accommodate them with a massive smokescreen effect

Uncle Thomas could be anybody; brother, friend, class mate, and even close relatives. Not all of them would have ulterior motives towards you. Some as a result of trying to be too good, they’d ended up being an obvious enemy without any knowledge of it.

There’s an urgent need for a special space in your life for some certain uncle Thomas’s to occupy. If you don’t create that room, they’d force themselves in by joining the haters association of your dreams. For you not having such experience, create space and distance yourself from all the uncle thomas’s as much as possible. Let them exist and beam from afar, give them what to see which would be their reality while you focus on your own reality.

Don’t let people pull you down by their negative words. Build muscle to accommodate negative comments about your products and services – and never, ever try to justify yourself.

5. Accept your shortcomings but hold on to your reality

All the Uncle thomas and sister thomases out there wouldn’t want to believe you could do it without them.

They’ll always feel their opinions are the shield that is protecting you most of the time. You should let them keep that feeling as is. That’s why you will have to conceal your ideologies until it would make sense.

You can hardly make sense in the midst of irrationally minded people.

Accept your shortcomings but hold on to your reality

5. Strike back with result.

What is the best revenge in this world? RESULT. Learn to channel all the negativity, hate and disbelieving attitudes from uncle thomas into a positive charges towards achieving your dreams. #BeMentallySexy about your life goals.

Do all it takes to have that evidence that you know what you are doing. Only fools, I mean professional fools, argue when they see fact.

Common facts about uncle thomas

Watch out for these traits in people if you want to know where they belong in your life.

Whenever you sense these kind of people, don’t take offense, just put them on their own lane. Let them feel important to themselves, but not you.


This article is not intended to berate anyone bearing Thomas by name. But instead, it was intended to spew out greatness out of someone feeling too low of his/her being. And finally, celebrate all the jerks in your life. It is because of them you made it where you are today.

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