There are two types of success, one is useless!

Sitting here by the pool contemplating a simple question…

What separates those “who make it” from “those who don’t”.
There are so many different perspectives on this, but to me it really boils down to this: You might be successful, but that success might actually be holding you back from what you really want.
So maybe the better question is What really is success?
Here’s what I mean…
You might be amazing at your job, might even make decent money, and heck – you may even find a lot of satisfaction in it. I’d call that a success, wouldn’t you?
But what if what you really want, your “big picture” goal, is to spend more time with your family? Or travel more?

If that job you’re successful with doesn’t help you reach those goals, than are you really successful? In others peoples eye’s you might be, but in your heart you know you’re actually failing. You know you aren’t actually working towards what you really desire.
Now I’m not saying to quit your day job, it’s smart to be practical – but you should always be working on a strategy to reach your goals. It can be dangerous to get caught up in what other people consider success, letting it distract us from what we really want. This is how many people get to retirement age and look back with regret.
How can you build a strategy to reach your goals? As usual we have to start with the end in mind, and work backwards… Do this: Write down your end goal, and write as many (specific) steps you’ll need to take to get there…


End goal: “I wan’t more time with my family, and still make a good living.” <– “start my own business” <– “Verify the Income potential, that also doesn’t require me specific # of hours.” <– “type of business that I can run from anywhere.”<– “acquire skills to run a business” <– “free up time to learn” <– “find a type of business I could see myself running” <– “research types of businesses” <– “find ways others are making that income” <– “Establish how much income I want to make” <– “decide to make a change”
This type of process is a powerful way to create any strategy, giving yourself a road map to reach a goal. I’m sure you have many goals, and I can’t help you with all of them. However if I had to pick one area I’m confident I can help you, it’s in business. Specifically building them from scratch.
This week I’m actually holding a special workshop that I know will help you get clarity on this.

Tap here to unlock access today! (no cost while link is active)
This really is for anyone who’s had that anxious feeling of “I know I’m not really living MY version of success”.
What if you’re already running a six or seven figure business? My guess is you might still fall into that category, and perhaps you haven’t quite gotten the automation side of your business down; freeing up time to do more of the things you want! Isn’t that why you started the business to begin with?
In this free training you’re going to learn…
1. The tools online businesses are using today to launch quickly (without being overly complex).
2. How those tools can be harnessed by anyone with a laptop (this is super important, especially if you don’t want a boss).
3. Why building a system yourself is the “old way”, and why leveraging other’s is a much better way (this method is a game changer, saves you so much time).
4. A literal step by step walk through of an 8 figure business that our host built from scratch (one of the best ways to learn is look at how other people are accomplishing it).

Click here to get all the details on how to attend.
This is a great time to take a closer look at your “big picture” goals, and make sure you’re working towards them, and this workshop is a powerful step in that direction!
See you there,

P.S. “The trouble is, you think you have time.” ? Jack Kornfield . Don’t forget to register, time is not on your side.

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