I’m so blessed to be among the luckiest lots that’d be alive to witness this special month of the year. God had been really great to me and my family, my business associates and partners across the world and my wellwishers. July was a month that many could remembered as an unforgettable month, but August […]

March Forward

Actually, those who give up lose. Only strong people are respected and admired. To trick the world don’t show your weaknesses! Of cause, everybody can be upset or disappointed, however only close people should know about it, but only if they are able to support and help you. Other people don’t care about your problems. […]

Lesson from the World Cup

Have you been watching the world cup? It has been an interesting display of skills I must say. Professional players have brought the whole word to a standstill to watch them play football. Hmmn… this means if you take your career seriously, you too can get the attention of the whole world. This is because […]

Sugar & Salt may be mixed together, but ants reject the salt and carry away only sugar. Select the right people in life and make your life.