“If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.”

You don’t even know who you are. There is greatness in you. More than you can see in yourself.

Incredible power awaits you. Power beyond anything you can imagine. You have great Chi sleeping inside of you – chi is the energy that flows through all living things. You have a great capabilities hidden right inside of you.

There’s a giant that’s waiting to be challenged and sparked into action. You just have to TRY just like Patrick Brasca and Jay Chou puts it in the song they co-sang titled “Try”. Borrowing lines of thoughts from the Kung Fu Panda 3’s epic animation soundtrack;

“You always have to do something to show the world that you exist. So you have to try. There’s a universe right there waiting to be unlocked. The key lies in looking into yourself. Just do what is right and you will fly so high. Let go off the brakes. Be who you are. Be yourself cause your power is on. When you believe in what you’ve got, you know you’re perfect just be who are you.”

Do not attempt trying to be better than someone else because you’re in no competition with anyone but you! Believe me honestly, the only person that can conquer you is YOU.

Will you now give in to what others are telling you or believe in yourself and love yourself more?

Determine to do something today. Just TRY; be YOU!

I believe strongly in you that you can make something great happen today. Let it shine today.

– OD

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