March 26, 1993.

A picture shook the whole world.

Famine in the land.

A dying boy held to the last shred of life, moving what was left of his bones to the UN feeding centre.

He was too weak.

He collapsed.

But that is not the tragedy.

Just a few feet away, a vulture waited calmly.

This vulture had seen this play out often. It knew that it couldn’t kill the stuggling child. Hell, it couldn’t kill anything if its life depended on it.

But it could wait.

Wait for the child to give up. Wait for breath to slowly slip out of the boy’s lungs. Wait for the calm certainty of death.

Wait for you.

Because this is not about the child. This is all about you. While you live your life now, struggling to hit your life goals.

The vulture waits, ever so patiently.

For you to slip. A misstep. This vulture knows it can’t kill you. But it can get out of your way and let you self destruct.

This vulture will wait.

This vulture is SCANDAL.

It has brought down great men before you. If you are wise, you’ll know you are not that special. You’ll also know, this vulture is older than you are.

I speak to those who are sure of their destiny, but will pause once in a while to enjoy the low hanging fruits.

“No one is watching now. This is the time to lower guards. At the right time, I’ll get serious.”

You are wrong.

This vulture knows.

It knows everything. It won’t attack you. It will wait. Wait for you to get to the top. Wait for you to step into the spotlight. Wait for the wolves to notice you.

The perfect prey.

The fatter the elephant, the greater the carcass.

This vulture knows, and will wait.

The friends who urge you on are also those that will scream your name on top of the roof.

The laps you rest your head on are attached to the hands that will cut your hair.

Toughen up while you can. Make sacrifices. Sharpen your axe now. The war is still on. You can celebrate later.

If you look around and can’t count what you are sacrificing for the future you desire, look again. You are the sacrifice.


This vulture will wait.


Wait longer.


Tope Fabusola

The Firebrand CEO

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