Let’s play a quick game.

Take a good look at yourself.

Compare your dreams to your biggest available resources. 9 times out of 10, you don’t seem to have enough to make your dreams come true. Naturally, your dreams are bigger than what you have now.

Sound familiar?

Then, pay close attention.

This scenario? I call it the big weeding.

Everyone you look up to went through this season.

Actually, scratch that…

Everyone you look up to GOES through this season.

It’s the feeling of a giant drinking from a thimble. How can he ever be filled?

This situation? I call it the big weeding.

The test of men. The proof of worth.

This is where many quit.

And many more will.

You know why?

The big weeding never stops.

The big wedding never stops, you have to experience them in your lifetime.
The big wedding never stops, you have to experience them in your lifetime. It is moving at a jet speed. You have just got to move along or it leaves you behind.

Just when you are jubilating after scaling a hurdle, the next one is just ahead.

But I didn’t write this for the weeding. This is about you.

If you couldn’t win you wouldn’t have been worthy of this, in the first place. No one writes an exam that they haven’t studied for.

All right, some of us did in school, but I digress..

The fact that you are facing bigger challenges every step of the way proves only one thing — you are growing.

Your challenge is not a sign of a treacherous universe. It’s a sign of a giant manifesting.

Change your perspectives about the test of life.

If you had everything figured out from the start, would you have grown into the person you are today?

Even video games get harder, one level to the next. Yet, we play them. And what happens when we break a game? It gets dropped.

Too much comfort makes you weak.

Pains, tribulations, and examinations — these are the things that show how strong and wise you are. They are what make you bigger and better.

The pleasures of victories?

The pains of setbacks?

The thrills of the chase?

Let these drive you.

I said in the beginning that this is a quick game. Maybe, maybe not. 70 years or 100, we are all here.


Keep this one thing in mind.

Many players started this game with us.

We are the only ones left.


Tope Fabusola

The Firebrand CEO

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