It is here once again!

Another weekend filled with excitements and activities.

Trust your week has been amazing?

Mine has been exciting. Lots of positives to take home for the week ending today.

But that doesn’t mean all was smooth and rosy as the week goes by…but just that, I CHOOSE TO STAY POSITIVE along the journey.

I bet you do too!

Meanwhile, I write you today to inspire you NOT TO GIVE UP yet even if the week hasn’t turned out the way you have anticipated.

The fact there is, you can still get a lot done even at this last minute.

Oh, you are afraid the year is passing like a rocket and yet you’ve not moved in into your dream home? Or is it your dream car that is causing you depression? Or maybe it is your family due to shortage in finance?

Whatever that may be holding you down, LET GO!

Believe in miracle. There is a God of Last Minutes. I wrote about this three years ago and the advice and words of impartation in that article is still relevant till date. Everything you have wished and hoped for in 2018 will still come true, IF YOU BELIEVE!

LET GO – Unveil the beast in you for this world!

Let go of what (anything) makes you stop in the first place. If it is fear that made you to pause on your journey to fulfilment, let it go. You can do without it.

Maybe your friends are the cause of the most precarious pain you are suffering from, just let them go.

Learn to let go of anyone or anything that would make you less of your true self. #LETGO.

In closing, the only thing that matters in this world is for you to live a good life. Don’t allow anyone to dictate how you will live your life for you, let them go if they try to hold you back.

This weekend is for you to reflect back on how your week has been and take out the positives and learn from the negatives.

Next week is gonna be boom for you! Massive accomplishments on your cards; record sales if you are into sales, new leads, house warming, child christening, car dedication and many other great things.

All it takes to get all, or any, of these is a little act of self belief in yourself and also in miracle that, dream do come true!

Have a great weekend.

Olawale Daniel (Doctor Residual)

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