31 December 2019

2019 recap; advice for 2020

Be free Don’t take life too seriously but don’t joke with it either. It is kinda complicated but let me explain this. To take life too seriously is to start making things difficult for yourself by trying to conform. Be a bit vulnerable so people can have access to you too. Don’t be too rigid […]

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17 December 2019

Build from Your One Corner

Prove yourself to yourself, not others. Type YES if you agree! ?‍? Everything you want in life is at the end other side of fear of feeling you need something big to get started, but that’s a lie. All you need to get yourself out there is to #StartFromYourCorner just like what our guest speaker, […]

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21 June 2014

Business Growth: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Better

The success of a business depends mostly on how the people in charge carry out their tasks in order to move the business to the next level. There are no success stories without noticeable failures attributed to them, either in personal or business life. On your way to business growths and developments, there are lot of challenges that you […]

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2014 Message to all Team Leaders Across The World

Thank God we’re able to see the new year by His grace, and hoping this year will be better than any other year ever in our life history. Amen. New Year, Business Spirit Ignited! Our new year activities starts today. Kindly communicate directly with me via daniel at techatlast dot com if you have any […]

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