A rat swallowed a diamond and the owner of the diamond contracted a man to kill the rat.
When the rat hunter arrived to kill the rat there were more than a thousand rats bunched up and one sitting by itself away from the pack. He killed the one by itself and that was the exact one that had swallowed the diamond.
The amazed owner of the diamond asked: How did you know it was that rat?
He responded:

“Very easy….when people get rich they don’t mix with others!”

The wisdom in this is; being rich does not guarantee you safety. Having 5-20 convoy with armoured men in charge of your fleet does not guarantee accident free ride to that meeting.

All what you need in this world is to #BeYOU irrespective of your position or self actualization.

Seeing yourself far better than others has nothing to offer you, but a lot to take away from you!

My advice for you today is, be your sane self because other people are already taken.

Don’t try to be someone else as a result of few change or a temporary change of status because nothing lasts for life but God’s grace.

Be you, and never look down on others because you never know!

Have a pleasant evening family.


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