Should all good advices be taken?⁣
⁣Quick Answer: No.⁣
⁣Before giving expert advice, I ask lots of questions. One half of my digital marketing consultations is questions.⁣

This isn’t random.⁣

You see, good advices can save your life. Good advices can also screw you up.⁣

Just because something worked for me doesn’t mean it would work for you. What worked for you yesterday might not work today.⁣

Context matters.⁣

The right question isn’t: Should all good advices be taken?⁣

The right question is: How do you approach life?⁣

Quick Answer: With awareness. Just like driving.⁣

Life is nuanced.⁣

There are evergreen life principles, but there are also ever-changing factors.⁣

Times change. People change. Situations change.⁣

Even you change.⁣

You have to be aware of changing topographies and time-sensitivity. Be aware of short windows and temporary loopholes.⁣

When confused, ask questions. When the answers confuse you, call experts.⁣

Lest you get screwed. Life can be unforgiving. Good intentions isn’t a remedy for ignorance.⁣

Accept wisdom when it comes. But process it further with wisdom.⁣

A wise advice in the mind of a fool is worse than a foolish advice in the mind of the wise.⁣

Tọ́pẹ́ Fábùsọ́lá⁣
The Firebrand CEO

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