Have been to several places all across Africa. Tasted lot of delicacies. Mixed with different tribes and experienced different kind of cultures. Africa is gifted with differs of cultures, tribes, languages, delicacies, and above all, creativity and innovative thinking. 

You’ll agree with me that Africans rules the world!

It is not today that we’ve been hearing of greater goods that many Africans are doing beyond the unmatched walls of our continent. From the East to the West, South to the North, the continent is filled with highly intellectual being.

In fact, a common animal on an African land thinks creatively (if not, it will soon fell prey to the hunter or other higher predators in the jungle). God has blessed the African nations with so much that the outside world are just too envious of.

Among these blessings is Songhai community situated in Porto Novo, Benin Republic. This ancient settlement comprises of all things human being would ever wanted to have. It is a multipurpose natural park boasting of its own manufacturing facilities.

Based on my finding, there’s nothing imported into the Songhai community, otherwise, they produce and exports goods out to other parts of the country and the rest of the world.

What is it you’re looking for inside Songhai community that you won’t see? I wonder what that could be, maybe a car, lately I am yet to see them manufacturing automobiles but everything else are in the pipes.

So, my story goes!


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