So, we’ve left that month of September for October? I can’t just believe everything is moving faster than expected.
Wow, this is beginning of greatness!
September meant different thing to us all. To me, it was one of the most interesting months in my career! I mean the most busiest and most challenging month for me as an individual. And also, the month of bigger celebrations for my team power leaders, uplines, team players, and family members;
1. Mr. Toyin Aluko – 30th
2. Ms. Iyiola Oluwatosin – 27th
3. Mr. Kingsley Onunkwo – 30th
To you, it may be your best month of achievements, month of celebration, month of getting that contract, month for traveling the world, month for bigger challenges.
Whatever the past month may mean to you, it is totally gone and what we do this month is what really matter now.
Fast-forward to OCTOBER!
Happy Independence to #Nigeria!
October is very much significant to Nigerians and if you happen to be one! Now is your chance to make a difference by all means. Despite all the bad news that the media wants you to believe everyday, you can choose to be positive about Nigeria, about Africa. It is what you see that shape who you become. If you see Good in this land, you shall enjoy its fruitfulness.
You should maximize October because if you don’t, very soon you will see December 31st. If you don’t, January 1st will knock on your door.
Now, is the time to start planning the new year, I mean 2017.
If you fail to plan, you are indefinitely planning to do what….to FAIL.
I know you won’t LET YOURSELF DOWN this new month of October.

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