Someone sent me a message yesterday.

“Any article for our great Nation Nigeria?”

My answer?

“I focus on the people.”

You see, every nation is a reflection of her people. Good people, great nation. Bad people, oh well…

Seeds and fruits.

Seeds and Fruits by Tope Fabusola on Olawale Daniel blog
Hear this: If fruits are meant to be the goals you pursue, seeds are going to be the actions needed to achieve those goals. Hence, seeds and fruits are intermoven. Your seed will always determine the fruits.

If fruits are the goals, seeds are the actions needed to achieve those goals. The seed will always determine the fruits.

If the goals of your nation is to be the cleanest in the world, what would you do as a citizen?

You could cheer and clap. You could patiently wait for the environmental agencies to clean up your street.

If they fail to come, you could send open letters, organize rallies, and throw a tantrum whenever your dirty neighbour farts.


You could start with yourself. Practice personal hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly. Take your bath. Wear clean clothes and do your laundry.

Then, move into the bedroom, and clean it up. Do the same for the living room and the kitchen. Take proper care of the toilet and the backyard.

You could then move outside and clean your patio and mow the lawn. You would do it happily because you know that is the best thing for you.

Maybe the neighbours will notice your clean clothes and green lawn. Maybe they will be inspired enough to do the same for themselves.

Or be jealous. Jealous enough to try beating you in cleanliness. Maybe the whole neighbourhood would catch the fever and clean everything up.

You know what I mean.

Start with yourself. Before holding others to high standards, set high standards for yourself.

You are the ruler of your personal world.

Watch your habits. Lead your life. Work at your job. Be a good boss. Be good to your clients. Lead by example. Clean yourself first.

If you do this, you would have planted a seed.

It is one thing to complain about those in the spotlight while you do whatever you like in the dark corners of your room.

We are all good lawyers of ourselves and great judges of others. Start with yourself and let’s see if we can create a ripple effect.

Even if you think you can’t start a fire, you can ignite someone who can.


Tope Fabusola
The Firebrand CEO

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