Today we are going to be talking about overcoming seed destroyers.

In 2 Chronicles 22:10, when Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she arose and destroyed all the seed royal of the house of Judah.

The enemy target your seed to stop your potential harvest.

When Athaliah saw that she has lose her seed she rose to destroy other people’s seed.

Whoever that has lost his/her seed running after your seed will collapse and fall in the name of Jesus because this set of seed destroyers are the worst but they will fail and fail woefully over your seed. (Amen)

Most times many don’t understand the power of their seed and the reason why the enemy is after their seed.

What is a seed?

Your potential is a seed. Your vision is a seed. Your children are seeds. Your money is a seed. The word of God is a seed. Your time is a seed. Your wife is a seed.

Never allow seed destroyers to destroy your seed because they are always after it because they can’t produce their own seed and they can foresee the great harvest in the future.

Satan from his day of fall has been stolen the seeds God deposited in people because he can’t produce his own seed.

The secret to save your seed from the seed destroyers is to hide yourself in the Lord that’s why the only surviving seed during Athaliah’s reign was hid in the house of God for six years 2 Chronicles 22:12.

Prayers Against Seed Destroyers

1. Thanks you lord for the power of your word

2. You seed destroyer, you are liar my seeds are covered by the blood of Jesus

3. No weapon fashioned against my seed shall prosper in Jesus Name

4. Lord give me the power to overcome every evil war waged against my seed because of its potential great harvest.

2 Responses

    1. Seed could be likened to destiny…for example, person’s destiny!

      Now, talking about seed destroyers, we mean those who are ready to do all it takes to prevent you from fulfilling destinies. It could be that your childhood friend who’s trying everything to prevent you from winning that contract.

      It could be your colleague who’s secretly passing on the jealousy attitude towards your achievements.

      Such kind of people are seed destroyers, they don’t care how much damage you are going to suffer. All they want is for the person not to win at all cost.

      It could appeal to family and at the same time to a person.

      Thanks Alan for coming around. 🙂

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