The scenario that played out with a dog will best be used to explain

The fact savers are losers…

Her name is Cutie. I’m just using her as an example…

The other day she was given a treat by offering her dog bone.

She immediately ran to the back and started digging until she had dug deep enough of a hole to bury the bone.

It made me chuckle a little bit. She did it immediately. She did not even think about it. She was preprogrammed to save her bone.

I think people are the same way. We have been taught since birth to save our money. That saving money is the only way to retire or rich maybe.

Anyway, I took a closer look at the burial site of her new bone.

Nature had already begun attacking:

Ants were already there taking what they could off that bone.

As I backed up, I saw birds swooping down and start rummaging through the loose dirt.

As we learned in school, nature itself will start to eat the bone through bacteria, algae, and other decomposing agents.

Cutie may have protected her bone from other dogs, but she did not realize that there were other forces stealing her bone from her. Forces she was either unaware of, never thought about, or just could not see.

Cutie was slowly losing her bone and she did not even know it.

That same replica a thing happening to most people including you in this world. By saving their money, they are losing their money to economic forces.

Talking about unquestionable forces like;

-Monthly SMS alert from your bank

*Frequent CBN directives to from your savings.

*ATM maintenance charges *Transfer charges ( inter / intra )

*Transaction VAT charges

*Newly introduced #50 on each transaction that took place on your account…etc.

Only for you to receive the monthly statement of account to see that instead of having the exact amount saved.

You’ll be surprised that one of the above charges had gone through your account, reducing the initial balance.

How will you feel that instead of having that happening you have the said money put into a business that will grow it and have you with your banker have the share.

Which in the end will put everyone into a win-win game.

And it takes a basic understanding and knowledge of Financial Education

This was explained in one of my previous posts here you can read through or you dm me to know and get all this better

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Much more about this topic understanding and having a deep knowledge of financial education with you.

That can help you make an informed decision to end this year well on a solid note

And end this year 2021 on a very strong financial status

The post on the basic knowledge you need about financial education tells you more.

If you find it valuable you can share to help someone’s understanding.

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