Let me teach you warfare.⁣

⁣What I’m about to share with you won’t just open your eyes to life and business. It will give you the key to finishing this decade strong.⁣

⁣Are you ready? Splendid!⁣

⁣You see, this trouble started 3000 years ago. This story was set in the 9th-century B.C.E.⁣

⁣A woman and a man locked horns and were going to fight to the death.⁣


⁣On the right is this man. Eliyyah of Y’Israel. A Palestinian prophet of Yahuah. According to his king Ahab, Eliyyah is a troublemaker.⁣

⁣Let’s just say the king hates his guts.⁣

⁣On the left is the woman. Jezebel of Sidon. A Phoenician princess. Her daddy, Ithobaal, used to be a priest of Astarte. But he wanted the throne, so he killed his king and took over.⁣

⁣Jezebel was just like her daddy.

⁣But here is the question. How did a prophet in Y’Israel and a princess in Sidon meet? Aha, here’s the twist.⁣

⁣Marriage. Jezebel’s daddy was a friend of Eliyyah’s king. You know how these people operate — Ithobaal gave the hand of his daughter in marriage to Ahab.⁣

Now, Jezebel has a Phoenician king as her daddy and a Palestinian king as her baby/zaddy. One problem, though. Jezebel doesn’t worship Yahuah. She has her own god, Baal.⁣

It didn’t even take a minute. Jezebel flew in 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah from her hometown to keep her company in the palace.⁣

Just business, right? Nothing personal.⁣

⁣To further the business, Jezebel decided to create a monopoly. Jezebel ordered the killings of every prophet of Yahuah in Y’israel.⁣

⁣And that’s the problem. Eliyyah is a prophet of Yahuah too.⁣

So, let’s tie all these together nicely. Jezebel is killing prophets like Eliyyah. Jezebel’s husband also happens to hate Eliyyah already. To make the matter worse, these two are Eliyyah’s king and queen.⁣

Now, let me ask you a simple question. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? ⁣

Eliyyah made one last move. He had to. He set up a challenge against the 850 prophets Jezebel imported. Eliyyah won and deported all the prophets to the afterlife.⁣

It took just one evening.⁣

Only small issue. Jezebel was alive and Eliyyah didn’t ask for her permission. Naturally, all hell was let loose. She swore to kill Eliyyah.⁣

So, Eliyyah dusted his sandals and spoke to his heels. The man ran like he’d never run before.⁣

Pay attention. Eliyyah killed 850 prophets and thought he did a thing. But he did nothing. You see, his archenemy wasn’t the 850 prophets. It was Jezebel.⁣

And now, this brings us back to you.⁣

You remind me of Eliyyah.⁣

Remember January last year? I sent you a simple message.⁣

2020 isn’t a year. It is a decade. To approach this decade and win big, you have to forget your cute yearly goals and shiny little new year resolutions.⁣

What you need for 2020 is a decadian vision. An audacious vision that you can’t achieve in your present form. You have to grow and re-emerge greater to hit the target.⁣

You see, 2020 isn’t a year of anything. It is a decade. The decade of destiny. It isn’t one year. It is ten years rolled into one.⁣

January 1, 2020 — December 31, 2029.⁣

So, I sent the message early. Not too early, because I don’t  want it to be washed up with the hundred other Happy New Years. But I sent it out the first week of 2020.⁣

But like Eliyyah, you focused on the 850 prophets. You ate ‘dem pawns up like prawns. You made up your lists and nice-to-dos. You designed those cute little boxes for you to check.⁣

They are your cute checkboxes. Your “new year, new me”.⁣

And you missed the point. Like Eliyyah, you missed the point. Do you want to know what happened to Eliyyah? I’ll tell you. And this is my message for you in 2021.⁣

After Eliyyah had walked non-stop for a day, his body couldn’t continue. So, he gave up, fainted, and waited for death.⁣

How could he face Jezebel and her army alone? And for how long could he run? Killing the 850 prophets clearly didn’t stop Jezebel. If anything, she grew bolder and stronger.⁣

But there was a greater vision. Something Eliyyah couldn’t imagine. In came this angel with premium bread, hot and freshly baked in heaven’s oven.⁣

But you know Eliyyah. He couldn’t see past his one-year goal. He couldn’t see that decade-long vision. So, when he  saw the hot loaves, he ate just for the day and went back to sleep.⁣

He ate just enough to survive, hustle, and grind. This is you. It’s 2021 and the goal settings have started again. But where is the decadian vision?⁣

But thank God for Eliyyah. The angel was gracious. So, he woke Eliyyah up and told him, this time more clearly,⁣

“Arise and eat, because the journey before you is too great for you.”⁣

Little did Eliyyah know.⁣

⁣Little did he know that he had 40 days to walk. All he could see was his last supper when there is a glory to enter. Little did he know that he was about to enter his destiny.⁣

Little did he know that he wasn’t the only one left. Little did he know that, when he finally sees the vision, seven thousand would rise with him to fulfil the mission.⁣

Little did he know that in him is the power to anoint Chazael as king. That Chazael would kill those he couldn’t kill.⁣

Little did he know he would appoint Yehu as king. Yehu wouldn’t just kill Jezebel, he would wipe out all Baal worshippers from the land. The people Chazael couldn’t kill, Yehu wiped them out.⁣

But Eliyyah didn’t know any of this. He couldn’t even see the vision. He couldn’t see Elisha, the man he would anoint to take over after him as prophet.⁣

First, Elisha would command twice as much power as Eliyyah. Second, he would kill anyone King Chazael and King Yehu couldn’t kill.⁣

Eliyyah couldn’t see himself being twice as tall and powerful.⁣

Eliyyah couldn’t see all that. He was too faint from the troubles of killing 850 prophets. He put the cart before the horse. The goal before the vision. And he almost lost everything.⁣

So, I hope I won’t have to say this again. I hope this time you eat up. I hope this time you set up a vision worthy of your destiny. And pursue it with everything within you.⁣

Because 2020 is a decade. A game of chess, not checkers. A longer game, a bigger picture. A grander plan, a loftier vision.⁣

But to enter it, you must rise up and eat up.⁣⁣


⁣Tope Fabusola⁣

The Firebrand CEO⁣⁣

P.S: If you read this to the end, you are qualified to learn this. I’m now opening up my doors to people who are serious about setting up their vision and making it happen.⁣⁣

I have a one-on-one accountability program that would force you to move by fire. But even better, I’ll be bringing my experience as a New Media/Marketing Consultant to help you put a solid strategy behind your energy.⁣

⁣Are you game? Let’s have a cup of tea in my DM!

To your decade of destiny!

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