When we lend our words of advise to people as regards health or investment, they’d care less. Thinking there’s something in it for us.

But they would gladly believe any type of lies in their so-called trusted sources – mass media!

Then they’d quote them saying;

The sad ? here is, we have lots of Unqualified Graduates living amongst us. They are so fond of those beautiful paper qualification they’ve wasted four good years to acquire with nothing up there to account for those years.

When you tell them to research, they’d still be like;

Guy, tell me na. Hope say this thing no be scam?”

There is not an ounce of excuse that can account for your ignorance.

Failure to learn the proper way would be very painful when the knowledge would eventually matter most to you.

Today, most of these people you believed are silently doing the otherwise of the propaganda they sold to you. They are benefitting their latest acquisition from the same opportunity they’d discouraged you from participating in as opposed to what you ignorantly thought would happen. They are using your mind. They knew how weak you are, and they massively exploited that.

Just because, you decided to let someone else to think for you.

Don’t be surprised in this world that changes very quickly!

What is important is for you to educate yourself as much as possible. And don’t let anyone’s opinion drown out your common sense and reasoning.

Research, research and gather more Intel.


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