Can you take a moment to answer these questions?
They are Retrospective, Introspective and Prospective.

Answers to some of these reality check questions may make you think deep down, help you realize you’re holding on to what you should let go and give you clarity for the new year.

Hint: Get a pen and a jotter.

And you can comment below for help if it’s too overwhelming for you to deal with.

1. Looking back over the past year, who and what am I grateful for?

(Send the people a text to show your gratitude).

You know those people who have actually impacted your life. They are your special angel all-through 2018, they made the experience worthwhile for you. There’s no better time to appreciate them than now.

2. What top 3 things do I wish I had done differently in the past year?

(Be honest with yourself)

3. What top 3 lessons have I learnt over the past year?

(Think deep)

4. What did I do very well in the past year that I need to repeat and do better or more in the new year?

(Don’t be shy or petty; give yourself the accolades you deserve)

5. What do I need to let go of that I have carried over from the past year or previous years?

(Let it out. Face your monster. Write down every baggage you need to let go. Sever ties with those fake friends and don’t bat an eyelid about it)

6. Based on my experiences and encounters over the past year and previous years, who do I need to forgive?

(Calm down, take a deep breath and identify who you need to forgive. While answering this, I actually cried. Sometimes, when we take a deep breath and try to exhale, tears stream down our eyes with the air we breathe out. After identifying those people, please send a text telling them you forgive them.
Just pour out your mind so you can move on)

7. Who do I need to celebrate, reward or appreciate verbally and otherwise?

(Send them a text today!)

Those were the retrospective questions.


Let’s commence with the introspective ones.

8. What do I consider to be my biggest problem, frustration or challenge at this point in my life?

(What can I do to change it)

9. Who or what do I consider as my biggest blessing at this point in my life?

10. What do I consider as my top 3 weaknesses right now and what do I plan to do about them?

11. What do I consider my top 3 strengths and how do I plan to maximize them?

(You can monetize them)

12. What is my big dream for 2019?

(Give details. Have clarity. Include a location)

13. What is God’s plan for me now?

(What’s God telling you? What does He want you to do?)

14. What 3 habits am I going to develop this year, and how do I plan to develop them?

15. What 3 relationships must I break or redefine this year?

(Delete their contacts if need be.
You know what has affected us so much and made us stay with garbage?
The saying that “You don’t know where you’ll meet in the future”
Please, leave all the trash for LAWMA.
Stop stringing along someone that isn’t good for you)

16. Which 3 people do I want to meet, to learn from, more closely this year?

17. What are the 3 things I have been procrastinating this year that I must do in 2019?

18. What are the top 3 negative attitudes I am perceived to have?

(What are those constant things people keep saying about you?)

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