Today, I have something quick to say to young and aspiring business owners. It focuses on ownership and partnership. My question is, which should you focus on as a business owner?

Ownership or Partnership?

And my quick response is here this;

In building your business empire, take note of this:

It is not about ownership; it is about partnership.

It is not about having the best team under your belt saying welcome sirs but having the right people with the right mindset in your organization.

You need people that would carry the business like it is theirs. They are your partners in business, though, they are just an employee – so to speak. It is the way you treat them that’d determine the level of seriousness on the job.

In leadership, take note that you don’t have to command people to act, but instead, you need to inspire them to give their best. And one of the best way to do that is by letting them see themselves as partner (a stakeholder), not an employee.

How you view them matters a LOT!

If they are to you as a mere employee of your company, they would hardly rise up to the task of becoming an advocate of the brand. But when you treat them and make them see themselves as a stakeholders in the business, they work to the best of their abilities because it is all about partnership for excellence.

Human brain are wired to react to situation of things pushed at them.

When you make people feel among, they act so. When they aren’t, they act otherwise.

It is a general issue that has been on for centuries. You have to master the act of creating value chain in your organization. When you do, the result will tell on your performance sheet.

I believe you’ve gotten the idea? If you are in business as partners, the word ownership has to be erased and replaced with partnership.

Partnership will make your brand stay effective and competitive even after you’ve gone. Ownership on the other hand would divide the company even while you are still alive – because they (your employees) never own the brand!

Action Point:

Begin from today to lower your ego and be on the same page at least, for once in your life as the boss.

Try to be a leader, and not the boss for once.

You will enjoy the outcome of that little change of attitude.

Master this act today and enjoy your ride to the arena!

Olawale Daniel

(Dr. Residual)

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