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ONE WAY, MANY WILLS by Tope Fabusola is the latest piece in the BurnUporBurnOut Series hosted on Olawale Daniel website. You can read the previous editions by clicking on the categories below.

Hands up if you still look both ways before crossing a one-way route!

Don’t be shy now! Legion is our name, because we are many.

Whenever I cross a one-way route, I still look both ways. I don’t care if the vehicle was supposed to come from just one side. Thanks, but no thanks.

While I understand the law enough to obey it, I don’t trust it enough to heal my aching bones or bring my dead body to life if someone decides the law doesn’t apply to them.

But then, that’s just me, right? Many others just trust the law blindly and cross the road…

To za oda world.

I have learnt in life that the presence of a law is not the same as the obedience of it. Because a standard is set doesn’t mean everyone follows it.

I have seen people set high standards for themselves — in their business, life and relationships. And it works. High standards bring great benefits.

However, I’ve seen these people trust others to respect these standards. And yes, I’ve seen them screwed over and over again.

It’s not that deep, really. Most people simply don’t care. They don’t necessarily hate your guts. They just don’t care. Unless there is a dire consequence, most people don’t care.

It’s your standard, not theirs. Deal with it.

Does that hurt? Calm down, sir.

It is important you understand this now and save yourself avoidable hurt this year.

“Don’t be so green to think the world revolves around you.”

It doesn’t.

Unless you are the sun, but that is a whole ‘nother subject.

If this is business and your standards are that important, be ready to enforce it. Don’t expect others to look out for you.

Have you heard about backstabbers? What about backbiters? Well, they exist and they are everywhere. Now, they are also on social media. Isn’t God wonderful?

People get hurt in this strait alley. People eat people for supper. Even if the law would eventually defend you, remember that dead men don’t bite.


Tope Fabusola
The Firebrand CEO

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