If you don’t know, now you know that; obesity is a threat to national security. But if you’re thinking I’m wrong, Capt. Heatling would guide you through the process of understanding your responsibility as a citizen and that of a responsible security personne in a forward moving economy.

Tell me, how can someone who’s overtly obesed with a very big and choky belly finds it luxury to refers to himself as a police ? or army officer?

I think that’s a misplaced identity.

It is happening, not just in Nigeria, but everywhere around the world. Security officers were meant to dress smart and kinky. Always ready to jump on the next assignment because they are battle ready like army set for the Vietnam War. But the reverse is always the case lately because of excess fat as a result of overeating and lack of adequate exercises.

Security threats are everywhere and nobody is fit enough to combat them because we aren’t having enough trained and agile men in the security departments.

However, you should be aware that :
This is not something the Army or the Police Force alone can fix, not something you put a yellow ribbon, and say let somebody in the ministry of health take care of. Neither is it something you rely on the government or organizations to do for you.

It is a cause for alarm ?!

And it is a threat to your existence, you’ve got to do something about it for YOURSELF.

So, in Heatlings tone, let me charge you to;

If you are able to do these things; that would prevent a whole lot of trouble in the future. And then, we would stop being a threat to our nation’s security.


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  1. Hi Just giving a small tip on home remedy regarding obesity. Some suggest that Lemon mixed in warm water and a pinch of black pepper cuts out obesity, while others suggest Lemon mixed in warm water and organic honey does wonders. Hope this helps a lot of people who are striving to cut out extra body weight

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