Let’s Say #NoToSocialMediaTax in Uganda!

Say NoToSocialMediaTax in Uganda! Join the movement if you are in Uganda.
Say NoToSocialMediaTax in Uganda! Join the movement if you are in Uganda.

Whatever that is happening in Uganda right now can spread over into other African countries if not checked. If you are thinking, shebi it is just Uganda, don’t be surprised very soon when the guys in the affairs of passing the bills would say, nay. And the NAYsayers would eventually have their say on your freedom.

Once they’ve passed the bill into law, then it would take special efforts and the grace of God for such to be rescinded. That’s why we are all implored to always vote in credible and intelligent people into the affairs of ruling us.

Africa is lacking in this aspect except one country so far which I’ve noticed, Rwanda!

Social media is one of the best platforms the people have to speak for, or against the evil acts of, their governments.

Imagine if all social media platforms were blocked and users could only access them by paying a fee (taxes) to government. That would reduce the people’s opinion pool because, nobody would find it luxury to voice their opinions.

That moment, you’d realize that opinion is costly to have.

This is happening in #Uganda.

Social media companies make ? out of users’ data, yet these same users have to pay?to the government. That’s very unkind of the government of Uganda. In fact, it is an effort to undermine the Fundamental Human Rights of these people.

Do I hear you say, bizarre!

Social media should be seen in the light of drivers of positive growth of nations, not otherwise. And every human being have their rights under the Human Rights law to access the internet and use social media freely, so government of Uganda must not go against this.

Government shouldn’t force people to pay for what was meant to be freely accessible. Taxation won’t be the end of public opinions against bad governance. In fact, limiting it would further enhances its potency.

Today, I join the people of Uganda to say #NoToSocialMediaTax.

Along with my friends across the world; We say NoToSocialMediaTax because;

Let’s give room for creativity across African states.


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