I dare you today, to move forward, don’t be stigmatized by the situations around you because you are not born empty…you are not below average. You’re completely awesome and perfect in the eyes of your Father; the great creator who created you to create other things. That’s why I always tell people around me, to be aware of their supremacy, either they believe it or not, that they are God!

Take it or leave it, you are a God, because you were created in the image of God and if your father is a God the almighty, why would you ever settle for the less?

You’ve got to be who you are meant to be. Stand UP for your right and never take a NO for an answer. Do the undo-able….explore the uncharted territory, go beyond your expectations..sail the world. Do what scares you most because it is your turn to be celebrated, appreciated, and elevated.

But if you’re afraid to rise up and face your success, you might not be able to stand up FOREVER! You’d be thinking the stardom isn’t meant for someone like you who lack ______________ and ___________ when your father and God has already blessed you with everything you need to achieve the utmost in your life. Why looking at the negative side of life instead of seeing light?

Be positive! You are not born empty – you are loaded!

Know from today onward that, it is ONLY YOU who can/will change your life story… Nobody has power to make you feel less important except you because you matter so much to the world…and you must never let everyone else down by your inability to rise up to the task. You are not born empty!

Tell yourself great things everyday. Be positive today, be positive forever. You are not born empty, you have greatness in you.

Greatness is in you, just let it shine!

– Olawale Daniel, Author, Coach, Technologist

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