With ASUU strike on the high, personal development and unemployment rates on the low, here lies the fate of a Nigerian youth.

ASUU strike, unemployment, and many other challenges which majority of Nigerian Youths are faced with, or clamouring about could ‘all’ be averted/combated if everyone can embrace entrepreneurship.

Let’s create #jobs for as many people as possible instead of searching everywhere for jobs that are nowhere to be found. Remember that, before they advertised any available job position in their company, they’ve already selected “their person,” and it takes God’s grace to get employed in any blue-chip organizations in the country now.

My recent personal experience:

UBA, the United Bank of Africa contacted me few days ago through one of their agent requesting immediate removal of post that was published on¬†LatestTopJobs.com about their recent recruitment. They denied accepting new workers…and now, imagine yourself, spending years in school and ending up in rejection by these organizations.

Let’s try to study while finding something to do in building our future from now. Remember, you can only create your future by thinking outside the box because majority of our youths don’t really think – I’m sorry to say this but truth must be told.

Please be wise and learn to be independent as from today.

If you need more help, you can contact me to put you on the right path of success in entrepreneurship.

Disclaimer: This post is not an ad. You can make use of the information or leave it.

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