Yes you say network marketing is all about “scam”. It is too good to be true. Sidon dey look my friend.

You see? Even your almighty banks are now into referral marketing full-time!

They can’t just succeed with the traditional way of marketing.

People are wiser today, they know Mikel Obi doesn’t use UBA for his payment from Chelsea FC or say Tianjin Teda, so any ad showing him checking at their banking hall is just a fluke. Neither is Ahmed Musa depending on their near to nothing interest rates on savings or fixed deposits to survive. I think Leicester City are paying him handsomely for his services and that doesn’t go directly to his Nigerian bank accounts. Of recent, I learnt he’s about to move abroad to far east where he could triple his earnings. All that would eventually end up in most of his foreign accounts.

Is Network Marketing Now Mainstream Business Model?

“And truth be told, they [the banks] aren’t going to make money when your money is in your pocket. Or when you hedged it in foreign trades. They love it when you have it saved in deposit.”


They want you to LOAN THEM MONEY WITHOUT INTEREST, oh, sorry. Let me use the word you love to hear the most “save”. But when you on the other hand needed financial relief, they’d request for your great grand parents birth and death certificate to give back the favour. This is a story for another day anyway.

And there is little amount of video ad narratives that’d convince you to save with them with little to show for it than to send your friend on errand to you with a promise of reward.

That’s a pure network marketing concept in a disguised way to trick you (the client) and the affiliate (your friend).

Now you’ll argue that they don’t have binary, or unilevel or those kind of structured system of MLM.

Don’t be fooled into believing anything they (agent of confusion) spew into the media for you.

Soon, social commerce would be the only way to earn.

It is time, let’s get SMART!

We are in a #KnowledgeEconomy.

What you know can save you, and what you don’t know can kill.

Desire to know more today and stop criticizing what you know nothing about from afar.

Network Marketing Mainstream
Network Marketing has gone mainstream with its well structured system of compensating distributors for activities. And right now, big brand across the world are now turning serious attention towards network marketing as a means of increasing customer base while at the same time reduce advertising cost through word of mouth.

Alvin Toffler said and I quote;

“The illiterate of the 21st century aren’t those who couldn’t read or write, but are obviously those who find it hard to LEARN, UNLEARN what has been wrongly learnt, and RELEARN what is learn-able for this new era.”

Truthfully, we know years back, not many people could proudly say they were network marketing professionals! But today, table have turned and we are having lots and many more amazing people joining the industry day and night.

We can’t blame them for not believing in the industry from the onset, but now they do. You should follow in their footsteps and stand up to be counted in our counted out.

It is either you are in or you are out, stop confusing the ?.

Doctor Residual


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