Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe preachingAfter Myles Munroe death, here are condolences from people

Though we’d have wished Dr. Myles Munroe to be very much alive with us, but the bible has said that the saints will be “taken up against the days of evil” according to Isaiah 57:1b.

“and merciful men are taken away, and none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.”

We’re all saddened by this incident, but we just have to bless the body of Christ because everything that seems hidden to mere mortals like us are clear and more clearer to the almighty God. And he knows why everything has to happen this way.

Is Dr. Myles Munroe truly dead?

When I read Mrs. Onagoruwa’s timeline post yesterday, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I thought it was just a misconception.

Tolu Onagoruwa pronounced myles munroe death on Facebook

But when I later got to know it was true, I retire to ask myself questions; wonders why this time and consciously have several thoughts of the kind of lives Dr. Myles Munroe have changed in the cause of his short stay on this planet earth.

Indeed, he’s a rare gem and we’ll miss him greatly till we shall all be caught up to rejoice in heaven together.

However, I’ve read so much of condolences and spirit-inspired write-ups from some of the people whose lives have tremendously enjoyed the teachings and leadership of Dr Myles Munroe, and here are few of them. Please read and enjoy.myles munroe death quote

Ebuka J. Anichebe, who is also referred to as The Thinker has this to say:

“As a kid, being cool, was about having cool toys like a Xbox, a Nintendo, a red bicycle or remote-controlled car.

As a teenager, you had to have a Playstation to be considered cool, plus know how to dance and drive. Its cooler if you steal your dad’s car when they were away.

In university, you needed to dress a certain way, have a car and have a large appetite for alcohol to be considered cool.

As an adult, you still need to own a car, a job with a 7-digit salary and a house to be cool. Plus its cooler if you had all the above and also quite popular too.

Then eventually we get older and hopefully wiser. What’s cool now is to be able to contribute in a meaningful to others and the society. The bigger your impact the greater your cool factor. It doesn’t hurt to own a few toys- fast cars and even jets.

But what you’ll be remembered for after you die isn’t the toys but the impact you had on others. The one with the most toys doesn’t win, its the one with a strong credible voice.

Rest in peace Dr. Myles Munroe. You were a strong voice and when you spoke; we listened.”

– Ebuka J. Anichebe

Sam Adewale explains in-depth why your short staying on this planet has to be of usefulness and in total service to give glory back to Him who sent you.

“I hate to spread this kind of information, but I just have to share this particular one. Dr. Myles & Mrs Ruth Munroe has passed on to glory.  It happened yesterday, Sunday 8th Nov., 2014. What a great loss to the body of Christ worldwide. His legacy will continue through the great church/ministry he has built, thousands of leaders he has raised & Books, CD’s,DVD’s & training resources he has produced. Lord, we do not know why it has to happen now, but you know better, Lord. Dr. Myles MUNROE will continue to live on in our hearts.

I learnt some lessons from this great man that has just passed on, and here are few:

1. It is not the number of years that you spend on earth that really matters, but the magnitude of your IMPACT.

2. Many have died and well advanced in age like “methuselah”, yet the only thing they are remembered for is their age.

3. Jesus Christ spent few years on earth, just 33yrs, yet he remains the greatest man in history..WHAT WILL YOU BE REMEMBERED FOR?

4. Myles MUNROE affected humanity and impacted many lives by Maximizing His Potentials for God’s Kingdom…WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR GIFTS, TALENTS AND RESOURCES THAT GOD HAS GIVEN TO YOU?

5. Everyday as we wake up we are walking closer to our grave – this happens every second, every minutes and every hour. So, don’t take your time for granted, don’t waste time, invest it. TIME WASTED CAN NEVER BE RECOVERED. So what are u doing with your time?

6. I Also try to examine myself and ask myself and look at the number of years I have spent and I ask myself this candid question that many have failed of asking themselves, “AM I REALLY LIVING MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST?.” “HAVE I SPENT THOSE YEARS WELL?”. Ask yourself this question, what about you?

7. I realize that I have no control over the past and neither on the future, so I need to maximize the Present…yesterday is gone, tomorrow may or may never exist, maximize your today now!

8. It occur to me that Dr. Myles Munroe, would have been booked for several events..I am sure he was still looking forward to achieve more, but God says it is time for him to come home. So, we should not think that we have all the time…what you have to do, pls do quick. LIVE A LIFE OF POSITIVE GLOBAL IMPACT NOW!!!”

– Sam Adewale (a.k.a Mr.WEST) – Life/Career Coach, Inspirational & Transformational Speaker

And Mr. Jimoh has the devil to blame for this.

That wicked man called Death, that snatches the mighty and leaves his men without comfort.

That inevitable that disarms a sentinel as though he was not anointed.

You tried to snatch our dearest Dr Myles Munroe and wife but the love of God is so strong that He silenced you and overpowered your plot .

Dr Myles and wife are not dead, they are only in a transposition in the other world where they can now see The One they have always loved and lived for.

What a great loss to humanity.

Forever in our hearts.

RIP, Dr Myles Munroe and wife

– Mark Jimoh, Lagos

And here, Jeremiah is speechless about the death. All he could say is:

“Great loss. The death has added to the mishaps in the construction industry”
– Jeremiah Olatinwo

And to cap it up, my great motivator and role model, Les Brown wrote a short line of text to relate the incident..and in fact, he’d be hosting a show tonight in remembrance of Dr. Myles Munroe and the other nine victims of the airplane crash.

“The world has lost a bold voice and many bright lights in the tragic and untimely deaths of Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe, and their colleagues. Our prayers, love, and heart-felt sympathies are extended to their families, along with the entire Bahamas International Faith Ministries, and their associates communities of faith.

Les Brown


Dr. Myles Munroe has come and gone, but the legacies he’s built will continue to stay on till Jesus comes back to take up the saints. And we all have one chance at life, it is left for each and everyone of us to now strive to make it to heaven at last.

What does it take to live a good life and enjoy heaven? Holiness is the key.

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  1. I am grieved to hear the sad news about the death of Dr. Munroe, Mrs. Munroe and colleagues. They left for their heaveny abode. May God bless those working in his place at the BFMI. Edo Dima, a follower of truth from BFMI. Sincerely

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