We are celebrating an iconic leader ?. That is why #MyFDStory is trending everywhere across the social media.

Wow, I can’t believe my eyes that #May12 is here again, a special day for a special #legend in our midst.¬†Fela Durotoye is an iconic leader all over the ? and today happens to be his birthday and what a perfect time to celebrate him with #MyFDStory and that of others across the world.

MyFDStory is an enlongated one but I’d have to just keep it a bit short.

Happy birthday to @feladurotoye for making it your duty to touch the lives of the youths and the elderly across the nation.

Your impactful trainings and teachings has so far gone ahead of you to soften the land for #ANewNigeria you seek.

I pray the good Lord and your guiding angels would continue to watch over you till you will be able to deliver the mandate and help put a better and working policy in place to cause a real change in this nation.

That’s all till that time arrives, but today, it is all about celebrating your doggedness and bravery to stepping out from your comfort zones to delivering #Hope to the Nigerian Youths. Leaving everything behind to embark on a journey that’s obviously clear would drain more of your focus and reduce your personal development all for the sake of general good – this alone is worth appreciating.

I want to personally say, Happy Birthday to you sir. More great years and more strength to carry on this new task ahead of you.

I want to personally inform you that #iRepTeamFD and we are going to do all it takes to positively impact others to step out to run. That’s your main objective, we will achieve that assuredly.

#MyFDstory is just about to be told, I will wait till the proper time to tell such stories.


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  1. Amazing times are here once again where we would have people with conscience charging a new course. MyFdStory is way beyond reasoning. If I should start the narrative, time would not permit me Daniel.

    Thanks for writing about this great man.

    Fela Durotoye is our legend and we would always keep it as that. A living legend.

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