Why do people leave your MLM company ? 

Theee are a few reasons: one is very typical, they are told they can make a truck load of money in a week, which is pretty stupid as most companies don’t pay out weekly and if they do it is mainly a signing bonus.

It is advisable that if you so much desire to keep your people around for a long stretch of time, just tell them the truth.


1) This business is simple but not easy. If it was easy everyone would do it.

2) You do have to work at it, and no one will build it for you.

3) You will get more NO’s than YES’s, and most of the NO’s may come from your family and friends. 

4) Yes you do have to be coachable and be willing to learn.

5) And truth be told, you can make a lot of money, or you can make a little money, or on the rare occasion loose money. People who loose money are the ones who don’t do anything and blame it on everyone and everything. 

If you are new to MLM or are thinking of joining, please be prepared for a hard road ahead, but it gets better, just keep working. The road map towards success in this industry is following the hard path. 

And leaders, help guide them through the process, but don’t run an adult daycare.

 Like Eric Worre quotes “MLM may not be perfect, but it is better.”
If you do not have the book Go Pro of Eric Worre please invest in. 

And I will see you at the beaches of the world.

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