Hear this…Miracle Awaits You In This Month of May

Glory be to God for seeing us through to the last day of the month of April which was tagged April-FULLNESS in my last month post.

In the next couple of hours, we will enter the month of MAY, the fifth month of the year 2018.

You and I know that it is my custom to do a month entry write-up to charge or you in, and into the new month. I do this regularly to achieve nothing so special for myself than to push you to go hunt your dreams.

I want you to know that;

Your dreams are real

If you think it is not so big thing after all, you’re kinda lying to yourself. I couldn’t force you to see your dreams bigger than you do, but I do believe you have a dream that’s bigger than the present YOU!

In all sincerity, there’s need for growth in order to match the reality of your dreams.

Let me charge you this month of May to upgrade your dreams’ processor because miracle awaits you this month.

Miracle Awaits You

If no one believes in your dreams, it is not their fault. They are just quite unfortunate to see through your mirroring of yourself. You don’t have to pick up a fight because of that.

Hunt your dreams this month of May because miracle awaits you if you do.

The activation is all that we are eagerly waiting for. Activate your dreams and the world would be a great place to be because of your brightness.

Don’t let anyone think less of you.

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