Make Noise or Go Extinct

Shout or be shouted at…the choice is always yours. Remind yourself everyday about the reality of this crazy market place where noise making is bae.

It is either you talk to someone about your product and services or someone else talks to you about theirs.

Everybody is busy selling one thing or the other. The market is crowded with options for onlookers and you have to win part of those attention for your business to take a new step up north.

You are in the market to make money, so you either shout or be shouted at, the big chance is, when you shout at someone with something in your hand at somewhere at a particular point in time, you have a higher chance of getting your desired results from the action than when they shouted at you.

When you shout, exchange of value takes place at your favor, but when someone else’s shout overshadowed yours, you lose money to them.

It is normal law of nature. Make noise and never be afraid to shout out loud with #LoudNoise because it is your turn to get some #accolades. You deserved the kinda attention coming your way.

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