The personal experiences gained in life are priceless. That’s why sharing Tunde Omotoye’s life lessons seems like a bargain for the reader of this community. Here are 30 things TundeTASH learnt about life, career, and relationships before he turned 30 years of age and how you could learn from or avoid the similar path.

1. You can never be everyone’s favourite. Some will love you for no reason. Some will rather not associate with you, and that is totally fine too.

2. There are topics and areas of life I know absolutely nothing about, but the more I read, the less ignorant I become.

3. The friendships that lasted a year, a week, or even an evening can be as transformational as the friendships that lasted years. A friendship made in less than a month can leave a year’s impact. In all, friends come and go, but they are incredibly important.

4. I am as lazy as I am hardworking. The thing is, my willingness to keep busy always helps me overcome procrastination, but I find that a bit of procrastination here and there is sometimes the catalyst to getting things done quicker.

5. Nothing changes when I worry. The only thing that changes is my mood. Not the situation. So I have learnt to think more about a positive outcome than allowing an issue affect my emotions and how I relate with others at that point in time.

6. I am capable of an increased work capacity if I put my mind at it and spend time to learn. My capacity is elastic. When stretched, the new point becomes my new benchmark.

7. Comparison is indeed a thief of job. It is not healthy and you are better off without it.

8. Financial independence is crucial and affects the majority of whatever you might need. Education. Automobile. Real Estate. Travel. Name it. The earlier you invest, diversify, save, increase your earning potential, the better for you.

9. A thankful heart receives more. This has nothing to do with religion. There’s just a way a thankful heart reminds you of being appreciative of what you currently have.

10. Prayer actually make things happen. Although it is never instant, it is also never late.

11. I am a work in progress. Far from perfection. Not beyond temptation. Things I thought couldn’t temp me did. But the mere understanding that they exist prepares me, and my imperfection isn’t a flaw. it isn’t.

12. Learning new things is interesting and hard. The hardest though is unlearning. And unlearning is what actually brings about growth.

13. Thank you. I am Sorry. Please. These words are simple, yet powerful.

14. Smart work is important, but an equal amount of hard work is as important as well. Hard work teaches you the grind. If the grind is missing, smart work won’t fix it.

15. As a man, it is totally okay to cry. Releasing emotions do help.

16. Hard skills get me the job. Soft skills move me up the career ladder. Relationship management, communication, leadership, empathy, and so on needs to be demonstrated for an opportunity to the next level.

17. Family love is pure. It’s an elixir needed in the chaos of life.

18. Exercise helps in decluttering the mind. Asides from its physical and health benefits, it helps to ease stress. It doesn’t have to be weight-lifting. Regular walks. Hiking. Cycling. Running. Also, play a huge part.

19. You drive your own destiny. God dictates the ETA.

20. Feedback is good. Use them. Ask for them. Constructive feedback, when properly utilized, moves you from point A to point B.

21. It is good to be true to everyone. Being true to yourself, however, is number one. You lose yourself when you lie to yourself.

22. Your job as a partner is not to try changing the other person. People respond to what they get. Being the best version of yourself helps you and your partner. It does. But recognize when it isn’t reciprocated, and be unapologetic when you demand better.

23. Traveling changes your world. There are cultures, cuisines, landmarks, sceneries, histories, traditions that exist outside yours. Experiencing them lets you appreciate people more, the world, and even diversity.

24. Little penny here and there. Little spending here and there without proper tracking isn’t financially healthy. A budget doesn’t mean you are poor. It means you are disciplined and respect your money and how it is earned.

25. Everyone. Everyone has a challenge they are going through. Yours might be money. Theirs might be a lack of time. For some, it is loneliness. For another depression. The absence of these in your life doesn’t invalidate theirs.

26. Being emotionally intelligent is zen.

27. You don’t get what you don’t apply for. You don’t get what you aren’t referred for. You have to apply for something to get it. You have to speak to someone to get it. Wishful thinking without moves never makes things happen.

28a. Life will happen to you. You can lose a job, an opportunity, a promotion, anything. Speaking to someone you trust about it makes you feel better.

28b. Giving is rewarding especially when done without expecting a return. Uncommunicated expectations bring disappointment.

29. If you have no principles that you live by, then anything goes for you. Products have manuals. Services have terms and conditions. No principles, no limits. No principles, no boundaries. No principles, everything goes.

30. Life is not a sum of my achievements. It’s a sum of the moments I share with family, friends, and people that I meet. It’s a sum of the memories I create, leave people with, and the little impact I make while I am here.

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