Someone asked me why I’ve been silent lately about Dascoin. I replied by saying I have stopped wasting time on “late comers” while spending more time with “early adopters” because they are the real deal. The same answer applies to all my other business ventures.

They cost me less stress while the later glory would ask questions that would even frustrate the devil in hell. And yet, they aren’t gonna do nothing but waste your time and doubt every truths you share.

I began to focus more on the early adopters unlike their counterpart, late comers or late boomers or onlookers or later glory, who would not let you have the peace of mind. They are container frenzy, but hate to wait for the glory of the container to sprang forth before they begin to make decisions.

They wait! But we act! They rush; we are relaxed because we know that time is of essence in business.

They want the paparazziz and we don’t have that; we are real deal! We crave financial freedom, they crave instant success with no effort which hasn’t been achieved by anyone on the planet since the dawn of man.

Lies have expiry date, but truth will last longer.

The next couple of months will determine the difference between those hit and run business packages out there and the real business that can deliver to you the kind of lifestyle you dreamt of.

The choice is yours to either go for the container which is always the fake and paparazziz’ed schemes or take time to read about and invest wisely in the future where you work less and earn more.

The choice was mine to make few months ago, and it is yours today.

Choose wisely.

Olawale Daniel
Signing out!

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