About three years ago, I wrote about the Last Minute Miracles and a lot of people was blessed through the inspiration and declaration in that article.

Today, I’m too certain that at this last minute, if you could exercise a strong faith in this buy just setting aside “A VERY LITTLE” out of your initial end of the year merriment to plant your seeds for 2018, I’m convinced you will have an amazing 2018.

However, it is not just money you can set aside for 2018, your time could as well be well spent towards 2018. Instead of spending the remainder of the year celebrating, hanging out with friends and family, spend some quality time with yourself to plan the year.

Write the plan, make it bold, and italize it so it may run through you who read it starting from January 1st and henceforth.

Never lose yourself in any of these joyful moments without a clear path of where you are heading towards in 2018.

Yes, myself and a few of my friends are going to do a whole lot of reading, footballing exercise, and running around but along the way, we won’t be forgetting that a great 2018 will be determined by what we did few days before. We are comfortable to seclude ourselves from the general norm that December is a month to play and merry, but instead, we will combine the two and have an amazing new year. When we do this, we are sure that we have successfully sow a last minute seed of change; last minute seed of greater accomplishments.

As 2017 is ending as one of the best for you, plan ahead to have a fruitful new year too.

I believe so much in you.
Olawale Daniel
Dr. Residual

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