In 2 Kings 13:21, a man of the most high, Elisha was dead and another man died as well and got revived through contact with the body of the man of God when he was about to be buried. That was a last minute miracle. The Israelite got similar result at the very last minute when they were about crossing the Red Sea to escape from the Egyptian armies. Daniel was thrown into the lion den and God showed up at the appointed to shut the group of lion’s mouth and the lions cannot do anything funny than to respect the one God has ordained for last minute miracle.


By last minute miracle, we are talking about art of God that has no respect for scientific calculations or explanations. When men have given up; when they said road have closed is ALWAYS the last minute miracle hour.

Or simply put, Last Minute Miracle could be:

– God’s intervention in an unpalatable situations.
– Unexpected disgrace of long-time problems.
– When God whom you seek suddenly came into your temple.
– Unexpected visitation of messengers of heaven in your life, situations, marriage, business, and ministry.
– Move of God that goes beyond your expectation.
– Miraculous experience that will bring tears of joy.
– Sudden arising of the Lord and scattering of the enemy.
– God coming at an unexpected time to help you.
– Help from God that causes a change that’s impossible for man.

A short real-life story:

“In some years back, somewhere in Kenya, a girl of ten was kidnapped by three evil-minded men. The small kid was the breadwinner of the family, because if she doesn’t hawk or sell goods, the parents will not be able to make provision for her schooling and to put food on the table.
While hawking, she was taken into captive by these three men of the dark and was tied with ropes. One of the kidnappers was checking on her, while the other two men went to bring the car they’ll use to take her away. Early on, they’ve covered her mouth with cloth so that she couldn’t cry out for help. As the Lord would have it, she cried with pain, and a she lion from a very far area heard her cry and began to trace her voice (groaning) till it came to the location, and when the man saw the lion, he ran away and he even felt sorry for the girl in his heart because of the lion.

“….what an unlucky girl?”. He said!

But fortunately, the lion sat beside the girl. When the two other men got to the girl with the car with intention of finishing what they’ve started, they saw the lion and ran for their life too. They felt the same way the first man felt for the small girl.

As soon as they fled farther away, the lion stood up and went its way, and the girl was delivered by miraculous power of the most high.”

If you’re reading this, I pray that the God of last minute miracle will help you out today.

In Luke 5:5 Peter toiled all the night and caught nothing, but at the last minute, God came into action and there was abundance of harvest.


1. Give your life to God
2. Repent of your sins.
3. Cry to God for a divine intervention

When you do these, you’ll begin to enjoy early and last minute miracles in your life, business and ministries.
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  1. It is actually a great and helpful piece of information.
    I am glad that you shared this useful info with us.
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  3. Why don’t you say that ‘last minute miracles’ need to be in alignment with God’s will for each person? You can pray for one but maybe keeping that job or getting a miracle cure is not God’s will. Plus God is not just handing out miracles like candy just because a child asks for it. Maybe you never listen to your Father, maybe you have called him bad things, maybe you have sinned…then you run up to your Father and say “can I have some candy?”. It’s possible your Father will give you some, but it’s also possible because of your relationship (or lack thereof) with Him that he won’t. Yes, we have a Father of last minute miracles…and we also have a God who works all things together for good FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM. Personally, I would pray “Lord, my circumstances have gotten really bad and I need a miracle. (then this is a good place to repent if the reason I need this miracle is because of my own arrogance, lack of good stewardship of my money, etc.) I know you love me and have only good in store for me. I don’t know what that looks like, but I trust you. If that looks like last minute money to pay my rent, then I thank you! But if it is something else, then I thank you and still Rejoice in You (Phil 4:4)”

    1. Wow, what a wonderful 👍 contribution there. You are absolutely correct.

      You can’t just run up to God as if he owes you anything but in humbility of minds, tabling all your matters before him while at the same time recognizing where you might have got it wrong in order to ask for forgiveness.

      He still answers prayers and dish out last minute miracles to everyone who could humbly ask for it.

      My prayer 🙏 🤲, at every point in our time that we may need an urgent response from God, HE will respond with speed in Jesus name. (Amen).

    2. Great piece, moreover God is the Almighty.
      He cannot be confined to a set rules, including His own rules.
      God cannot be limited, He does as He pleases, He can dole out miracle to anyone as He pleases.
      The dead man that encountered the buried bones of Elisha never prayed. He was dead. DEAD.

  4. Inspired piece of writing ,thank u very much Sir. I’m believing the Lord for a last minute miracle ,I’m about to be thrown out for non payment of rentals.

  5. Very nice post. I definitely love this website. Keep on motivating us about the wonders of the last-minute miracles. God is awesome.

  6. i want god to give me last minute miracle. i have to pay my house rent on or before thursday 29th March 2018 or be kicked out by my landlord.

    1. I strongly believe the former will be the case. Irrespective of how far and how bad you think your case may be, God has got it in control. You just have to believe that it is possible and enter into the realm of possibilities. You can and you will.

      I want to hear testimony from you that it has happened.

      Enter into your month of acceptance and total breakthrough…remember, your last minute miracle is around the corner…be hopeful and expectant for it.

      1. I’m in debt and it has been handed over to the collectors, I’m trusting God for divine intervention.

  7. Brother Olawale, thank you for raising my spirit. Now, I believe my last minute miracles are sure and certain. I claim it and I am working towards others now.

  8. God I’m in big distress now..I need your last minute miracle. .I love you soul waiting for you.

    1. Yes, he is able to do whatever you ask Him whenever you so much wants to have it. He’s able God who listens to your cries even before you talk about it.
      My prayer to you is that, last minute miracle will be yours very soon. Just be hopeful for your miracle to come to reality.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I trust God is going to surprise you this season on your work.

      But I’d like to know why you’d like to safe your job when God is working on making you an employer of labours. Haven’t you thought it cool that this kind of tough times is the best time to make the toughest and the most right decision about moving forward?

      You just have to let go and enter into another challenge, another glory so that you can attain what He has in store for you.

      You will succeed my brother.
      – Shalom.

  9. I am very happy for having read this because as I m writing I am waiting for a call and it feels like I am waiting for nothing.I believe the God of the breakthrough will come through for me all my hope and trust is in him now haleluyah

  10. thanks for this inspirational and wonderfully massage it realy work i need last-minute miracle about my admission fees and accomodation GHc2000.00 God has visited me . i strongly believe.

    1. God still perform wonders and his miracle working ability never lax. He’s a wonder-working God and He’s still going to perform another last minute miracles in our lives this last minute of the year. All we need is to just have a good belief system and pray towards more wonders because the Bible says “ask, seek, and find…for there shall be answers for you”.
      But if you don’t ask, seek or find, that’s when you won’t be expectant of His last minute miracles.

      May His grace continue to abound with us.
      Olawale Daniel

  11. I am happy to read this powerful post because truthfully, I’m in dire need of the LAST MINUTE MIRACLES of the Lord for this year. Because I don’t want to carry-over all my expectations for 2014 into the new year, I want them to be done and finalized in this late hour of the year because I serve the Lord of the Last minute.

    Thanks Wale for this write up and exhortation.

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