Last Minute Miracles – When the God of the very last minute arises

Last Minute Miracles – When the God of the very last minute arises

In 2 Kings 13:21, a man of the most high, Elisha was dead and another man died as well and got revived through contact with the body of the man of God when he was about to be buried. That was a last minute miracle. The Israelite got similar result at the very last minute when they were about crossing the Red Sea to escape from the Egyptian armies. Daniel was thrown into the lion den and God showed up at the appointed to shut the group of lion’s mouth and the lions cannot do anything funny than to respect the one God has ordained for last minute miracle.


  • Miracles that happen when nothing is expected anymore.
  • Miracles tat happens when times appears to have run out.
  • Miracles that happen before the deadline.
  • Miracles that happens at the last moment.
  • Miracles that happens at end point.
  • Miracles that happen at the crossroad.
  • Miracles that happen when doctors have given up.
  • Miracles that happen when all hopes are lost.
  • Miracles that happen when everything has boiled out to be nothing.
  • Miracles that happen when all sources of solution are gone, when expectations are gone.

By last minute miracle, we are talking about art of God that has no respect for scientific calculations or explanations. When men have given up; when they said road have closed is ALWAYS the last minute miracle hour.

Or simply put, Last Minute Miracle could be:

– God’s intervention in an unpalatable situations.
– Unexpected disgrace of long-time problems.
– When God whom you seek suddenly came into your temple.
– Unexpected visitation of messengers of heaven in your life, situations, marriage, business, and ministry.
– Move of God that goes beyond your expectation.
– Miraculous experience that will bring tears of joy.
– Sudden arising of the Lord and scattering of the enemy.
– God coming at an unexpected time to help you.
– Help from God that causes a change that’s impossible for man.

A short real-life story:

“In some years back, somewhere in Kenya, a girl of ten was kidnapped by three evil-minded men. The small kid was the breadwinner of the family, because if she doesn’t hawk or sell goods, the parents will not be able to make provision for her schooling and to put food on the table.
While hawking, she was taken into captive by these three men of the dark and was tied with ropes. One of the kidnappers was checking on her, while the other two men went to bring the car they’ll use to take her away. Early on, they’ve covered her mouth with cloth so that she couldn’t cry out for help. As the Lord would have it, she cried with pain, and a she lion from a very far area heard her cry and began to trace her voice (groaning) till it came to the location, and when the man saw the lion, he ran away and he even felt sorry for the girl in his heart because of the lion.

“….what an unlucky girl?”. He said!

But fortunately, the lion sat beside the girl. When the two other men got to the girl with the car with intention of finishing what they’ve started, they saw the lion and ran for their life too. They felt the same way the first man felt for the small girl.

As soon as they fled farther away, the lion stood up and went its way, and the girl was delivered by miraculous power of the most high.”

If you’re reading this, I pray that the God of last minute miracle will help you out today.

In Luke 5:5 Peter toiled all the night and caught nothing, but at the last minute, God came into action and there was abundance of harvest.


1. Give your life to God
2. Repent of your sins.
3. Cry to God for a divine intervention

When you do these, you’ll begin to enjoy early and last minute miracles in your life, business and ministries.
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