Amazing, splendid, interesting…and FUNTASTIC are my definitions for my trip to the most popular city in the northern part of Nigeria. From now on, I will be documenting everything worth learning from my Kano trip.

Ride with me as I unveil the mission and project tagged “AIM Kano Trip 2016”.

Before I continued, let me quickly hint you. Firstly, this happens to be my first longest rail trip ever. I’ve been on several train trip across some part of the country! But, they’ve always been within a state, not an interstate trip. Secondly, this kano trip helped me in inching closer to achieving the set-goal of touring 10 different States of the Nation, as announced in my article here. Thirdly, this trip would mark what would be remembered as the beginning and birth of new and #6 Alliance In Motion office in the country – AIMGLOBAL KANO OFFICE.

DAY 1 (Friday 22, January, 2016)
Boarding the train has never been a new thing for me, but being on a First Class seat happens to be my first time experience.

DAY 2 (Saturday 23, January, 2016)
Still on the train…just passing Kaduna and getting close to Kano. It is going to be an overnight journey again.

DAY 3 (Sunday 24, January, 2016):
We entered the ancient city of Kano at exactly 9:55am a brighter Sunday morning. The train station was so busy. We met caliber of people from different tribes conversing in their native languages…I was able to get along by learning few of the greeting lines such as:
How are you? – Ya Kake
How is business? – Ya Kasuwa
How’s family? – Ya Iyalinka
My friend, how are you? Abokie, ka m
What do you say? – Ya Kache.

And host of others…the experience was just too amazing.

People say Hausas aren’t friendly or they hate other tribes, well I wont dispute that but what I’m sure of is that, that is far from the truth in most cases. Hausa people are friendly, only for one thing, and that is, they don’t like to cheated or challenged either wrongly or rightly.

They are very receptive and have good respect towards strangers in as much as you can communicate with them a little. Language barrier may play its own role in how they’d welcome you, so take note of that.

Fast forward to the Day 30th of my entire Kano trip was an amazing one. I’d have come back to Ibadan by air enroute Kano airport but the more I postponed my traveling, the more the flight tickets price increased.

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