Stop telling me 1000 reasons I can make millions with your company. I’ve done that again and again already!

Cut the long story short.

….just give me ONE reason why I need support the cause, and from there take it to the next level.

Countless of times, many people in their bid to get or lure people into their system, try every possible thing that is possible; promise upon promises. Exaggeration comes in different styles, and level of desperacy can easily be seen on their face.

But do we really need this before we can attract the right minds into our businesses?

Heaven No!

You don’t need too much convincing effort, whereas, you just need a little bit of educating these people about the benefit OF, and WHY they should consider, joining your army. Show them the future you are dreaming about with them in it. I mean, real one!

When I’m talking about the future, I am not referring to the type where you’d be missing in action because this has been very common in our industry lately.

Stop recruiting lazy minded people by being real with them. Those with big dreams would join you assuredly, take note of that.

And if you factor in Pareto principle, you needn’t everyone, just few chosen army are enough for you to lead to the promise land.

Tell stories of how it works for others, it is great strategy, but don’t get lost along the way without revealing WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE to achieve such feat.

See you soon on the other side where champions are celebrating.

To your success,

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