Here comes another opportunity to pursue your dreams and goals this year! June has come and gone, but July present you a rare second chance to prove yourself worthy of accolades once again. Now is the right time to stay on your toe and be focused on that your very interesting and lively dreams of yours. Don’t let people who do not have dreams and ambitions to talk you down.

Believe more in your yourself this July. No one else will raise your value in the marketplace, except you raise your standard.

Welcome to the month of July.

JULY is a new month filled with;

New Challenge

Challenges of life should inspire you to think outside the box. You are presented with challenges so that you can get them solved even faster than anticipated. You are being paid at your workplace for you ability to solve problems – once there aren’t new puzzles to solve, retrenching staffs is imminent. Don’t be caught up in the league of those shying away from facing new challenges.

Be challenged to do better!

New Goal 

If you have never thought of having a goal to pursue, here;s your chance to get one for yourself. Goals are addictive, they push you beyond the limit until you achieve them. If your goals are not intoxicating enough, please drop them and rethink your path.

New Optimism

Be optimistic, be expectant of great things. Positivism cost nothing to imbibe into your attitude. If you expect nothing out of life, you will surely get nothing. Be expectant of great opportunities to better develop on your skills, talents and profession, To wrap that up, expect new opportunity to earn more!

Open your eyes to opportunities around you…be optimistic so that you can grab every stones thrown at you to build bridges that will lead you to your destination.

New Approach

If you ever get tired of the way it is been done, now is the perfect moment to re-innovate and create something new that would change the way. Change your approach to getting things done around you. Stop getting used to the old way, disruptions are everywhere – take advantage of new styles, stratagem for arriving at the result faster. You will be well-appreciated when you do!

Learn to be innovative and creative. Your individual creativity is highly required when there are low level of enthusiasm at your workplace.

New Mission

Why’d you wake up as early as 4AM and go back to bed, after your 9-to-5 daily lifestyle, late in the night without really actualizing your life dreams?

What is your mission statement for this year? Is that the driving force behind your daily dealings? If not, please don’t waste time – you’ve got another chance to rewrite your Mission Statement and do everything to follow through. Don’t do anything outside this.

A New Resolution

Same as mission, late last year, you wrote some new skill sets  to inculcate; new positive attitudes to imbibe and the those negative ones to drop; amazing places to visit with your family; financial projection for the middle of the year and the end of the year; just to name but few.

My question to you is, how many of these and other have come to reality so far?

Don’t bother yourself if you’ve failed so far, you can still get some of these done for before December 31st. However, this month presents you another opportunity to revisit all of these resolutions and for you to work towards actualizing them.

Aspire for more than you are capable of, you can achieve them this new month.

My prayer for you is, as you step into the month of July 2017, by His divine grace, before the end of the same month of July, 2017;

Wishing you a very success-filled July!

Olawale Daniel

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