Happy new week. Do you have enough money?

This is my candid advice for you as you start your activities for the new week. Be conscious of the fact that our world is changing everyday (it is evolving at an extremely high rate). Technology is reducing manpower every minute, I wrote about this awhile ago. My post on the factory of the future was well received after it was published.

Truth is, jobs are being lost every moment without prior notice.

Should you be worried? Yes and No.

Yes, if you have no plan B. When you have just one source of income, you need to worry about change in job economy.

However, if you are not dependent on a boss before your family could eat or live through this life, then the second option could appeal to you.

If you really love your children, get a business, not a job. Why?

When you die, your children cannot inherit or take over your job, but they can definitely inherit and continue your business from where you stopped. And the most painful thing is, if you die on the job, your boss might or will replace you before your burial rights.

Do you know why?

The business must continue. A space must not be empty for days. Someone, somewhere must occupy the space for the business processes to continue.

And another heartbreaking revelation is, that luxurious tear-rubber company custom made car you drive around like a king would be retrieved immediately. If your family live in the company house, they will kick them out before they could have the courage to say anything otherwise.

So, what would now become the gain of all those 9 to 5 efforts of yours?

It is wildly believed that JOB stands for:


Obeying the


or the other way round;


Of the


Different people would have different meaning and perspectives to the definition above. But that doesn’t mean that is the general belief. It is up to your definition and the life drama you are currently experiencing.

So, what’s the way forward from here?

It is time to think business even while you are still under employment. Think partnership even when your business is not doing well as expected. Think leverage against the times your strengths would fail. Think about putting in 10% effort to get 100% result without defrauding others or depriving them of anything. Think long term financial freedom strategy and most importantly, think SYSTEM!

Remember that having a working systematic approach to wealth creation relieves you of the pain of working your ass off for peanuts.

I will see you on the other side where success is sure. To wrap it all, be jobless for a purpose, think about your long-term financial goals and most importantly, think SYSTEM. Evolve with time and be true to yourself.

Olawale Daniel


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