Today is supposedly one of the most powerful manifesting days of the year.

Why? Because it’s 9-9-9 (September= 9th month, 27th = 2+7=9, 2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9). I have a skeptical part of me that doesn’t believe that today is any different than any other day. However, before I share my skepticism, I’ll share what 999 means.

9 is a number of completion. It’s the end of cycles and the moment when we reap the harvest of seeds of intention we planted throughout the year.

Divine, cosmic, astrologic, and universal energies are swirling right now to support you in interrupting patterns and cycles of lack and struggle so that you can bring you deepest, truest intentions to fruition.

In my heart, I can feel this support and I have notice huge shifts and breakthroughs on the past 999 days, BUT I still have a voice inside my head that believes that this is all BS.

This skeptical voice says, “999 has nothing to do with manifestation. You can manifest any day you want and release things any day you want. 999 is no different from any other day.”

This voice of skepticism is so important in grounding and balancing me, and  it guides me to my truth about 999 and manifestation.

999 isn’t a magic pill. The energy doesn’t manifest anything for you or release anything for you.

It’s a reminder that you are supported if you are ready and willing to release blocks and embrace your power as a master manifester.

It’s also a supportive frequency to facillitate your healing work that leads to consciously attracting your intentions.

It’s like having a baby. You can deliver a baby on a subway train if needed. However, if you deliver that baby in a birthing room, you have access to a lot more support, and the energy is more conducive to giving birth than on a subway train.

A birthing room holds a completely different frequency of energy than a subway train.

Bottom line: You can embrace your power as a master manifester whenever you want. You can allow blocks to be released any day of the year. BUT today, you have extra support.

The birthing room has arrive.

Do you want to birth your intentions today with special support in the birthing room or tomorrow, in the gritty subway? It’s up to you.

I want to invite you into the birthing room to let go of what no longer serves you and to embrace the fullness of your manifestation abilities.

I’m doing another training on The Sacred Power of Procrastination, Lack of Clarity, & Financial Fear. How to Use Them to Attract Abundance & Success While Living Your Purpose. (Click this link to sign up)


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If it’s resonating, I’ll see you on the webinar.

Big Love,


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