Hardly would someone believe that same ‘Eba Odan’ of the olden days of the foremost Yoruba ethnic groups war would become a well-known and well-reversed city of acceptance today.

Ibadan has gone to become a center of attractions for some of the world’s greatest over the years. It has witness high level of developments and growth over the years and here today, we’d be writing another history about Ibadan as a capital, a city, a location on the face of the Earth.

Here comes IBADAN PHOTO WALK, season 1.

What is it all about?

When is the event holding?

Where is it going to take place?

And who are the organizers and partners?

All these questions will be answered in couple of days to this day via another article.

Anticipate Ibadan Photo Walk season 1. It is going to be a bang!


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