Hypocrisy in network marketing industry is on the rise. How do we overcome the challenges it posed to our dear beloved industry?

As I was checking in one of those random Whatsapp groups I was added to some months ago by those so called generic networkers (I will talk more about generic networkers in the later end of this post). I saw a sarcastic and hypocritical post from the group creator – and there arose in me a sense of bringing nomancy into this industry.

Where it all started, this particular poster have been well known for his massive participation in Ponzi schemes and calling names when it goes south.

Here goes the post and my response to him in the Whatsapp group;

“To all networkers, how many ear do you have…????

Pure MLM is the way forward….all those…coin …coin…Investment will give u Heart Attack.

Dr. Ed Cabantog said it some time ago. There is no different between coin and Ponzi scheme. Coin investment/networking & ponzi…are like a “whiff”.

Wake up and let’s go back home. Pure MLM should be our focus.

I never regret in all my Pure MLM. but am regretting in all my coin..coin..coin..investment. Even if Vortex come back to life tonight, I will never praise them?…Damburuba….?

And for this sarcastic and CRITIC-focused write-up and unreasonable pitch towards selling another opportunity even after people have just loosed out on the previous networking schemes you’ve shown them, that’s bad!

In this industry, things are really happening very fast than anticipated. People no longer have conscience any longer. No personal feeling against those they brought into failed businesses.

I noticed a very large amount of people leaving right away after the post…because it has actually made the impression he intended to have on those people:-

“I am not trustworthy, now you can leave for something useful and valuable.”

I was offended by the post like others. Because of his style of spreading negative seed of hypocrisy in network marketing industry, I cannot that slide!

Here is my response to Him:

People will only lose in Cryptocurrency investment when the focus on earning is far greater than the common sense for doing due diligence. There’s no perfect business in the world but every company trying to do the right thing at the right time…but any business that promises you a staggering returns without any actionable ways of raising the money they are paying will always crash.

So my brother, no need to make those who have invested in your massively promoted Ponzi scheme feel guilty for listening to your sweet words. When it was paying we are all hearing good news and now that it has crashed, don’t criticize Cryptocurrency for the sake of what you said Dr. Eduardo Cabantog of AIM GLOBAL says. He only said that based on the general knowledge of what everyone is running after in the industry- quick money without quick reasoning!

I believe you get my angle now? No company wants to lose clients to others who aren’t offering any value but scam…same applies to everyone.

You can say things to protect your interest, but sometimes, people aren’t stupid. They don’t just say things to discredit other industry blindly. Yes, they can analyze and give you their perspective of what they think. It is up to you to decode the common sense embedded in those wise sayings.

Not long ago, Randy Gage, one of the grandmasters of network marketing industry and my mentor, did a complete review of the Cryptocurrency industry and gave his clean feedback about it. Many took offense of those write-up but today, they all have themselves to blame.

There are legitimate investment in Cryptocurrency but they aren’t like those “hyped Davor, Vortex, bitconnect, BTE, and host of those newly formed schemes formed around oil, crypto and agriculture”.

The truth is, most of these Ponzi schemes are all the same thinking from the same group people who are “crazy enough to think that carting away other’s sweat through deceit is a way of life”. I don’t agree with these people whenever I sense their new schemes, I just scroll to the next page because God has blessed me with some kind of experiences so far to identify their works.

Let’s embrace truth and integrity by telling people to only go ahead into schemes with clarity of losses.

Before you invest into any Cryptocurrency based project, check the team behind it and research about the coin usefulness. Does it really have real-world application? Is it spendable? What about volatility and LIQUIDITY (will the coin be easily convertible to other assets without stress)? And about security, can you vouch on behalf of the team that your friends can trust them for safety of their investment into the project?

Kindly consider some of these factors before you join any Cryptocurrency based schemes…

Don’t invite people into what you cannot stay into.

Hypocrisy in Network Marketing and Generic Networkers

How to Steer Clear of Hypocrisy in Network Marketing Business
There is an urgent need for all network marketing leaders to steer clear of hypocrisy in network marketing industry in order for our upcoming generation to prosper through it.

It has come to my attention that there are some group of greedy, and yet, ill-gotten group of net-hawkers, net-scammers and net-draggers out there who have become very popular with a new found style of leading a battle they intend not to finish.

Who are generic networkers?

These are people who jump from one opportunity to the other within the span of one to three months of getting involved in one. All in the name of better offer, better compensation plan, and better pay out structure and to cap it all, good leadership, they often times misled innocent downlines into joining the new venture with sole intention; to make money off them before leaving for the next!

The most appalling thing there is, these people are everywhere. You can hardly spot them until they’ve tested the  charm on you or your team members. Most of the times, they are gifted sweat talkers; you can hardly resist the offer to have a very powerful strong leg with active top earners in your team! Lol 🙂

These people are good at this craft. But truth be told, it is not good for the network marketing industry. In fact, it is killing it gradually.

But my concern is, who’s going to heal the wound?

You and I!

If we don’t act by sharing clear and concise detail about our opportunities, this bad omen will continue to get its roots down into the earth. We shouldn’t celebrate those who celebrate hypocrisy in network marketing by playing down one for other for personal interest.

You can, and We can do it together!

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