This post is straightly focused on my topic Halcyon days! Please don’t expect much ramblings, but straight-forward and touching message which would later launch you into your prosperity and posterity, all at the same time, if you could just take note of wordings used in this message.

What can others say about you in 5, 10, 15 or more years after today?

Would people easily remember and reference your halcyon days, the time when you were prospering in your field all because you’ve mastered it well? What would they say about you then?

What does halcyon mean?

The word halcyon was derived from a bird of classical legend, which was identified with the kingfisher, that was said to uncanny or mystically calm the waves whenever it nested on the surface of the sea. Halcyon denotes peace, gentleness, happiness, calmness, carefree, and joy etc.

The focal point of this write up about Halcyon days is for you to make your environment a great dwelling.

Create an environment that will motivate, encourage and empower people around you to do greater stuffs worth noting…

Strive to better your best and be the leader, teacher, father, mother, uncle and business associate people would always want to do something with, at all the time, even after life.

You can do it! Start creating your halcyon days right from now on, and leave no stone untouched. Study hard, learn new things everyday to be above the average in your field, do something helpful to others, sacrifice for others to live a better life, encourage someone to try the next level for greatness, support a great course, and sooner than later when you’re tired, people will began referencing your halcyon days as a doer.

Greatness is in people, not in places. You have it in YOU!

So, go do it today!

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