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Helping Hands! Are they really “Touching lives and Empowering People”?

Is H2i real, legit or another scam, fake, illegal Ponzi scheme in the making?

I’m ALWAYS asked by fellows, on and on again, about one particular Network marketing opportunity or the other. These fellas are my friends, colleagues and well-wishers that believe so much in me that I could offer my insight about the foundations of many of these companies.

They’d say, Daniel…..

Many questions are yet to be properly answered because the actual truth behind H2i empowerment and humanitarian service hasn’t been professionally disclosed until now. But today, I want to take a clear cut in explaining all you need to know about the new rave in town, I’m referring to Helping Hands International, whether it be real or another scam in the making.

Mind you, whatever you read from this page are my own personal opinions after I took time to analyze everything that pertains to the company, right from their day one to this very moment. So, permit me to explain the good, bad, and the ugly side of Helping Hands International (H2i) business opportunity so that many of you guys seeking my opinion could learn one or two things and follow your due diligence in dealing with this opportunity.

H2i - Helping Hands International Hyundai Elantra and iPad on offer
H2i’s Hyundai Elantra and iPad

What does H2i for?

Helping hands international is an NGO with focal interest in empowering people all over the world. Their empowerment has cut across Africa, Asia and some other part of the world.

What was the motivation behind it?


The founder was once a small kid who hails from a poverty-stricken family in the inner part of the country called Philippines. In her pursuit of greener pastures, she was deported from Japan back to Philippines before she later got to know about network marketing concept. She resolved to start H2i (Helping Hands) because of her passion to do charity works across countries of the world from the money she has realized from her involvement in the network marketing industry.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in changing his financial status and create a better future for generations to come. For older and younger ones:

Is H2i opportunity LEGIT or SCAM? And my response goes thus…

H2i or Helping Hands International is 100% legitimate and clean income generation opportunity with no record of irregularities. You get paid instantly by yourself!

There’s nobody stealing your money because I’ve been involved and I can authoritatively and boldly tell you that you can join the organization to help touch lives and empower more people just like the slogan reads: “Touching Lives, Empowering People”

H2i Empowerment Opportunity

In Nigeria, H2i has spreads its wings almost across 20 states of the federation with their empowerment program. People from all tribes have been empowered with skills and money that could change their story forever.

Facts and Figures You Must Know about H2i (Helping Hands International)

Helping Hands International was founded out of passion by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis and her co-founder, Dr. Ramiel Policarpio. They have been into many networking businesses in the past and now decided to join forces together to make the idea work for everyone. That’s why Helping Hands International comes to live. Elvis has been a professional network marketing expert and long standing top earners in five different network marketing organizations till date, and Dr.  Ramiel on the other hand, has been a professional network marketing expert for years. He is the one who designed the marketing plan for H2i, the same concept that lets everyone benefits on daily basis. You can read more about these powerful people from here.

My Personal Discovery about H2i

If you join this NGO and work hard within two months, your life could change forever. Like every other organizations that make use of network marketing methodology, Helping Hands International (H2i) doesn’t give room for laziness. If you do not bring in your two (2) required downlines after registration, you may find it difficult to progress to the next stage of the program (even if you have more people that are indirectly referred by you).

This is made to checkmate those who do not go by the organization’s ethic.

*-* In the meantime, H2i explained on their blog that there was a bug in their system which caused that to happen; which means either you bring your two or not, you'll progress but they advised that you try to bring your own 2.

Is there any Refund Policy at H2i?

It has been stated categorically on the website that there’s no refund for your $40 startup capital. The money is a donation in which they use part of in empowering people all over the world, including Nigeria, Ghana, India, Philippines etc., and I personally believe there’s no reason for requesting refund when you are already told to donate it.
But as you all know, you can rake in money by adopting the system, following the simple rules and regulations; invite two people and encourage them to do likewise, and boom, you are on your way to the top.

How to avail the opportunity

If I were to be you, this is how I will react, I will register for Helping Hands opportunity and select between 2-6 people (friends, relatives, family members and loved ones) and explain this charity-cum-business opportunity to them so that we could all benefit from it.

How to sign up to Helping Hands International opportunity

There are 2 registration mode for Helping Hands opportunity; automated registration and manual registration. The major difference is, if you have Perfect Money, or SolidTrustPay you can signup instantly by clicking here, or manually send the payment to your intending upline (in this case, I might be your upline).

⇒How to Signup to H2i Instantly⇐

To use the automated payment system, you’ll need either of Perfect Money, or SolidTrustPay accounts (you can signup with the by clicking the links to signup and fund your account).

I’m always available for your questions regarding this powerful opportunity through Whatsapp, BBM or Facebook. Get in touch and lets start talking and making money in the process.

I’m concerned about your online success always.

Olawale Daniel